Top Soft Supports in Dota 2 Game


Due to their versatility, these soft supports are often considered among the top choices for Dota 2 players.

Position four, or “soft support” in Dota 2, is a supportive role essential to a team’s success. They are not confined to any one lane and may put pressure on other teams by ganking or destroying objectives from out of the way. They may then use utility items to become semi-carriers, initiators, or even more helpful team members.

Because of the versatility of soft supports, they may take on a wide variety of personas. The cheering section is more likely to go with the first option since pub games are less serious than professional ones. The ideal soft support should be versatile enough to work with any beer on tap.


When it comes to Dota 2, everyone’s favorite hero is Rubick. As a support, he would force enemy cores around with Telekinesis then nuke them with Fade Bolt. This made them less effective and more defenseless. Arcane Supremacy, a passive ability of Rubick’s, enhances his spell damage and range, making him a problem for the defense.

One of Rubick’s most recognizable abilities is his capacity to steal the spells and passives of his enemies. The Grand Magus increases the potency of any captured spell by instantly casting it. If you need a reliable soft support player, go no further than Rubick, who is not the ideal initial choice.

Skywrath Mage

When it comes to eliminating a single foe, Skywrath Mage is your best bet. With his abilities, he could strike from a safe distance. Due to the increased vulnerability to spells afforded by the Ancient Seal, the hero wasted no time in wiping out most of the opposing squad.

Skywrath Mage is a ruthless booster that cares only about himself and his ability to wipe out his opponents. You should probably keep exploring for other options.


From up in the treetops, Hoodwink, an elusive and sly squirrel, lends a helping paw. You can wipe off foes with Bushwhack, switch lanes with Acorn Shot, and avoid conflict with Scurry. Hoodwink’s ultimate ability is a very effective ranged assault. It’s one of the few skills that can completely nullify passive ones.

Probably Hoodwink’s best trait is that she can’t be captured. Tree farming has the potential to provide a large sum of money. Because of the abilities Aghanim has granted her via Shard and Scepter, you’ll require access to a farm.


In the lane, Snapfire poses a significant threat because to the high amount of damage she can provide in a short amount of time. A stun function is included for the benefit of allies. As a result of the Armor Corruption, Lil’ Shredder may be placed in the real world. Her close-range companions will like her equipment, particularly if she acquires the Shard and can toss objects further.

Mortimer Disruptive kisses have flaming globs that make opposing teams dance or go crazy. Use Snapfire sparingly, and only when you need assistance in dealing damage or killing enemies.


It’s not easy to gain first blood in Clockwerk, but it’s a lot simpler throughout the laning phase. By using Hookshot, he can quickly overwhelm groups of enemies, which helps him maintain pressure throughout Happy Wheels. The employment of Power Cogs or Battery Assault may incapacitate or even kill an adversary.

Clockwerk’s enhanced situational awareness thanks to Rocket Flare allows him to perform better as an initiator. You may provide gentle assistance and facilitate communication with important players.


If you need a hero right now, Tiny is your man since he can fit in anywhere. His incredible burst damage makes him ideal for supporting roles. If opposing teams see wandering Tinys, they may be deterred from engaging. They have the ability to toss cores into potentially harmful environments.

Tiny is powerful and effective at using flash farming. By doing so, he may immediately get life-saving supplies. Against heroes like Lina or Shadow Fiend, who are weak and have few ways to survive an attack, he is at his most comfortable.


Earthshaker is a versatile player that can be slotted into any squad to leave their opponents reeling for days. You may block and isolate foes with Fissure and Backrooms Game, a long-range stun that can render the earth impassable. Combining Aftershock and Enchant Totem, Earthshaker may do devastating damage.

A spectacular finishing move, Echo Slam may end a battle on its own if all of the foes are in close proximity. Avoid the temptation to hoard your Echo Slam for six million dollar slam dunks. Using Echo Slam, you may easily take out the competition.


All Tuskar has to do as a squishy support is wander about. Enemies without an escape route may get trapped in ice shards. This potent ability may either stop an assault from a distance or follow up on an attack already in progress. Snowball is a weapon that Tuskar may employ to engage in combat. As an added bonus, Tuskar may utilize it to quickly bring his allies to the front lines.

Tuskar’s trademark move is the Walrus Punch. It causes a lot of damage and keeps an enemy stunned for a long period. It can even break through spell protection items like the Black King Bar. During team battles, Tuskar can take down support characters single-handedly if your team doesn’t need additional crowd control.


Because of her versatility, Marci Marci is another solid option. Her final attack is so powerful that it may be used alone to annihilate foes. With Unleash, you may become a formidable adversary. You must eliminate their cores before your own in order to “support” yourself.

The risks you face in Rebound and Dispose are high right from the start. Powerful damage steroid Sidekick provides your companion with a welcome lifesteal.


Mirana is a reliable buddy who can handle her own and has the ability to temporarily paralyze her foes from a distance, for up to five seconds. It’s not always easy to land a Sacred Arrow. It would be ideal if her friends could guarantee that it would shock the intended victim. A combination of Starstorm and Sacred Arrow will protect your wealth. Semi-carry and other items with more utility, such the Lotus Orb, are also available for purchase.

The ultimate ability that Moonlight Shadow has is very potent and renders friends invisible. It may be used to increase mobility to a team battle or to advance into blind locations to rescue teammates.