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The “White Working Class” and the Road Forward

Sam Gindin, a Canadian academic and former researcher for the Canadian Auto Workers, published an article in Jacobin called “Toward a Mass Socialist Party”. The topic is the burning question on the left, doubly so after the spectacular self-immolation of the Democratic Party in a loss to Donald J. Trump, so Gindin’s article deserves a … Continue reading

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1917: Black troops rebel against Jim Crow in Houston

1917: Black troops rebel against Jim Crow in Houston John Leslie In the months following the US entry into the First World War in 1917, the US needed to train tens of thousands of soldiers quickly. Training camps were authorized in a number of locations, including the construction of Camp Logan in Houston, TX. On … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro, presente! a compilation of links

Fidel Castro, presente! a compilation of links Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution inspired a generation of young radicals and revolutionaries.  All humans have flaws but the balance sheet on Fidel and the revolution is overall a positive one. The gains of the Cuban people in education and health care are astounding. The internationalism of … Continue reading