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Write for us

So you want to write for us? You have made a great decision. As we love to host content from people from all walks of life who share common interests.

who can write for us

You must agree with our guidelines and submission policy before sending us your article for review. If your piece meets our criteria then we will accept it on most occasions.

Write for us Guidelines

First of all, your guest post must have a link back to one of the subjects we feature on this site. In most cases, this will be either SEO or social media marketing. But there are some exceptions so read our blog thoroughly before contacting us.

you cannot plagiarise any content and we do check for this. This means you should only submit your own content.

Make sure to treat the article with care and include a couple of sources if possible such as external links, images, or videos where appropriate. This will help build up your reputation on our site and attract more people to view your work in the future.

Make sure to write about a topic you are passionate about. If you don’t enjoy the piece then it will most likely show in your writing. This is something we look for in all articles and if they lack passion then we won’t accept them onto the site.

use our search function before submitting a guest post. You can do this by clicking on the search tab in the header of our site and typing in your keywords.

If you still think you are able to help us then please feel free to give it a shot by clicking here.

submissions welcome to guest posts

When you write for us please send your business guest posts via email to the following address:


Guest post submission policy

We want every article that gets submitted to be of interest to our readers. So if you can send us information that is relevant then we will have more chance of accepting your piece. This means all topics are up for consideration so you can’t go wrong by sending us something.

However, you will have a much higher chance of being accepted if your article Please note that we do not accept press releases for submission as it’s just a recycling of what you would have sent to your media contacts anyway. If you’re after that then take a look at our sister site, Social Media Press Release which is specifically for that type of material.

If you have a specific question about a topic or an idea for a contribution. Then please give us a shout by clicking here. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. It may take up to 48 hours during busy periods.

Please also avoid repeatedly contacting us. It will only make it less likely for you to get published on this site in the future. We reply to all inquiries several times each day. We can not give you an exact timeframe but expect a response within 7 days.