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Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT

Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT Petitions for Socialist Candidate Still Not Checked; Signatures Illegally Rejected Call Secretary of State, Denise Merrill Now! Count Every Signature! Summary: The Secretary of State’s office is threatening to rule Socialist and Iraq War Veteran, Fred Linck off the ballot when dozens of petitions are still in the … Continue reading

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How to make a revolution in the United States

  How to make a revolution in the United States Peter Camejo, 1969 Source : Speech at an educational conference of the US Socialist Workers Party and Young Socialist Alliance, May 3, 1969, printed in abridged form in The Militant, May 30, 1969 Transcription and mark-up : by Steve Painter (source: Marxist Internet Archive) Revolutionary … Continue reading

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Preface to the 1872 German Edition of the Communist Manifesto

The 1872 German Edition by Marx and Engel Source: Marxist Internet Archive The Communist League, an international association of workers, which could of course be only a secret one, under conditions obtaining at the time, commissioned us, the undersigned, at the Congress held in London in November 1847, to write for publication a detailed theoretical … Continue reading

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Communist Manifesto Study Guide

The Communist Manifesto: Class 1 Readings: A. The Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx & Engels, Section I B. Karl Marx by Engels C. Principles of Communism, Engels, Questions 1-13 Discussion Questions: Section one of the Communist Manifesto begins with the statement, “The history of all hitherto existing society [That is all written history–footnote by … Continue reading

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  IMPERIALISM, THE HIGHEST STAGE OF CAPITALISM: Class 1   READINGA.   Anti-imperialist Struggle is Key to Liberation, Leon Trotsky B. Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, Sections I- VII [66 pages]   DISCUSSION POINTS Why does capitalist competition inevitably lead to the formation of monopolies? What does Lenin mean when he says that capitalist monopolies are … Continue reading

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Ruling class consensus on Israel and Palestine

John Leslie Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the sparked protests in occupied Palestinian territories, the Middle East, and across the globe. (1) Despite sharp criticism from some Democratic party leaders, the party has voted to support the move. In June of 2017, the Senate voted 90-0  to pass a resolution reaffirming support for Jerusalem … Continue reading