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Legacy of Police Impunity Boils Over

Legacy of Police Impunity Boils Over  By Barry Sheppard    Once again the deep racism and racial divide in the United States has burst upon the national scene, dominating newspapers, TV and social media.   Since 2014 videos taken by witnesses of police murders of Black people spurred the rise of the Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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Looking at the April, 2016, unemployment numbers

Taking a look at the April 2016 unemployment numbers John Kaye The just-released unemployment figures have made the news and I thought we’d revisit the meaning of the jobs report once again. For starters, let’s acknowledge that the BLS numbers are what the government wants you to know — but they don’t necessarily reflect the … Continue reading

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Socialist Alternative’s call for a new party is a dangerous halfway measure

Socialist Alternative’s call for a new party is a dangerous halfway measure John Leslie Seattle City Councilor Kshama Sawant’s recent article, It’s Not About Bernie: Why We Can’t Let Our Revolution Die in Philadelphia, raises some serious concerns about the direction of Socialist Alternative (SAlt) and their intervention in the Sanders campaign. In the article, … Continue reading

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Kwame Somburu 1934-2016

Kwame Somburu 1934-2016 Kwame Somburu (Paul Boutelle) passed on May 3, 2016. A long time revolutionary and fighter for the oppressed, Kwame had been a member of the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Action, and the Socialist Workers Organization. In 1968, Kwame was the Vice Presidential candidate of the SWP campaigning alongside Presidential nominee Fred Halstead. … Continue reading