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Organizing against white nationalism in suburban Philly

  A community meeting (5/24/17) in Bristol, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, sent a clear message to white nationalists who have been posting flyers in the community — You will not divide us! Originally published May 2017 by John Leslie The meeting of about 70 community members — co-sponsored by One Bucks, The Bucks County Peace … Continue reading

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CWA, IBEW Workers Fight Verizon Cutbacks

CWA, IBEW Workers Fight Verizon Cutbacks On April 13th, 39,000 Verizon workers in districts covering New England and the Mid-Atlantic states as far south as Virginia walked off the job and onto picket lines. The workers are members of both the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). By Wayne … Continue reading

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It’s Past Time to Free Jimmy Dennis!

It’s Past Time to Free Jimmy Dennis! John Leslie Recently, a Philadelphia man, Donte Rollins, was freed after 10 years in prison. The District Attorney’s office declined to retry Rollins after it was demonstrated that he had ineffective counsel in his original trial. Earlier this Fall, Common Pleas Court Judge Rayford Means refused to order … Continue reading

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1917: Black troops rebel against Jim Crow in Houston

1917: Black troops rebel against Jim Crow in Houston John Leslie In the months following the US entry into the First World War in 1917, the US needed to train tens of thousands of soldiers quickly. Training camps were authorized in a number of locations, including the construction of Camp Logan in Houston, TX. On … Continue reading

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After Dallas: Continue the Struggle for Justice!

After Dallas: Continue the Struggle for Justice! Black people in the U.S. are under attack. There is a clear pattern of police violence against the Black community, including extrajudicial murders which go unpunished by a racist criminal justice system. The Black Lives Matter movement is fighting back and not giving in to pressure from cops … Continue reading


Study Guide for Mandel’s Vanguard Parties

Study Guide for Mandel’s Vanguard Parties originally posted by Socialist Action Ernest Mandel’s essay on vanguard parties is an explanation of why Marxists believe in the need for a revolutionary party. While Youth for Socialist Action obviously is not a party, through our association with Socialist Action, we seek to build a vanguard party that … Continue reading

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Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left

Israel, Palestine, Anti-Semitism and the US Left Once the flagship of US Trotskyism, the US Socialist Workers Party is reduced to a rubber life raft of derailed sectarianism. The SWP was for decades a proponent of the liberation of the Palestinian people, but in recent years has changed to a position that can only be … Continue reading