How to Assess Marketing Recruiting Agencies In NYC?

With the growth of the business market, various recruiting firms are offering promising services, quick fills, and proprietary methods for placement. Here are a few ways through which you can assess marketing recruiting agencies in NYC before you hire one! 

How long has it been in the business?

Most marketing recruiting agencies in NYC promise to deliver the best results. But it is your responsibility to see if the established recruiting firms are well experienced to meet your expectations. Recruiting firms which have been in the business for a long time may be capable of satisfying their clients.

Do the recruiting agents go for a video interview?

If not a live interview, a video interview could have helped the recruiting firm to know a candidate. A recruiting partner will always invest in technologies to assess the right fit for an organization. That’s how successful recruits take place! 

Is it just the database that the agency follows, or does it believes in passive recruits?

It is essential to understand that good candidates are going to be employed by someone else. And that’s obvious too! It is not just the database that can help you all the time. But you should better focus on reaching out to the passive candidates. 


Is the recruitment agency aware of the job role?

It is important to connect with a recruitment agency that is an expert in its field. This will certainly be beneficial as the recruiter is aware of the best skills required to move into that sector. Secondly, he or she might have been interacting with various candidates and clients in that particular sector regularly. Consequently, that person is aware of the vacancies available, as well as knows a few deserving candidates too.

Do they speak to each and every candidate prior to submission?

The best marketing recruiting agencies in NYC will always have in-depth knowledge about their candidates. It can be either that they have met the candidate in person or spoke to them through video call. Your recruiting agents should be aware of the candidate’s skills, capabilities, experience, and expectations. This will help you to get a brief about the candidate prior to the interview. A good recruiter will always believe in investing enough time in knowing the candidate before recommending you. 

What are the fees?

It is important to have a detailed discussion about the fees and other charges prior to hiring an agency. This is to ensure that there are no hidden costs or any other additional charges. The companies must be aware of the billing cycle, too, alongside other essentials.