What Is the Swiss Water Decaf Method and How Does Christopher & Montrose Work on This?

The Swiss Water Decaf Technique is a decaffeination procedure that uses an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, 99.9% caffeine-free water process to decaffeinate coffee while maintaining exceptional taste. The demand for decaffeinated coffee beans is increasing. We want to make healthier choices as we grow more health-aware and environmentally conscientious.

Unfortunately, some of us are still drinking like it’s the Middle Ages. To remove caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean, most decaffeination techniques use chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. However, Christopher & Montrose only uses the Swiss Water Decaf Process, which is environmentally safe, chemical-free, and 99.9% caffeine-free.

What is the taste of coffee after Swiss Water Decaf?

Because decaffeination includes hydrating and re-drying coffee, no procedure is immune to flavor alterations. However, when compared to most other decaf procedures we’ve explored, the Swiss Water method imparts the most flavors on the coffee’s cup profile. Send a fruit-forward coffee, and you’ll get a fruit-forward decaf in response. Although Christopher & Montrose decaf can be delicious, we believe the Swiss Process decaf process has the least impact on the original flavor.

What is the fact of our Swiss Water Decaf process?

  • Many coffee users are astonished to learn that the darker the roast, the less caffeine there is because it gets roasted off during the roasting process.
  • On a volume basis, espresso and filter or cafeteria coffee has similar caffeine content. As a result, decaf espresso will contain just trace quantities of caffeine, comparable to filter decaf coffee.
  • Our decaffeination techniques differ greatly. The Swiss Water Decaf technique decaffeinates coffee without the use of chemicals by using water and ingenious technology and other ways to extract caffeine molecules from green coffee beans using chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. And some have more caffeine than you might imagine.

Is the Swiss Water Decaf method safe?

Our Swiss Water decaf is a chemical-free decaf coffee that keeps the majority of the rich flavor and potent antioxidants found in coffee, making it the healthiest decaffeinated coffee on the market. Because it uses fewer chemicals than other common procedures, it is also a more environmentally friendly solution. Other popular ways of decaffeination remove the caffeine using toxic chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. These techniques harm the body and flavor of the beans. But it’s not just the flavor that’s changed.

How Does the Swiss Water Decaf method Work?

  • Separate

To remove the beans from their caffeine content, a batch of fresh green coffee beans is soaked in scorching hot water.

  • Filter

The water is then filtered by charcoal. Because charcoal is porous by nature, it can absorb caffeine molecules from the solution. After filtration, a caffeine-free, flavorless green coffee bean extract is left.

  • Soak

The green coffee bean extract from Step 2 is then applied to a new batch of green coffee beans. Soaking the new beans in the extract extracts the caffeine while infusing them with the rich coffee flavor of the original batch. The leftover extract is then filtered through charcoal again to remove the caffeine and stored aside.

  • Dry

When the soaking raw coffee beans from Step 3 have dried, they are ready to be roasted and boiled for a delicious decaf coffee!

Why choose us?

The Christopher & Montrose coffee experience is the result of years of research. Chris and Monty have spent much of their lives traveling the world, savoring the best coffees and screwing up their faces at the worst, thanks to upbringings in numerous countries, work travel, and, of course, vacations. 

We are excellently equipped to satisfy the expectations of the 4th wave* of coffee appreciation since they have unrivaled knowledge and awareness of what creates an outstanding cupful. We are now able to offer you a selection of single estates, single origins, and exclusive blends. This is coffee that will never let you down.