Managed vs Shared WordPress Hosting | Review 2022

Since both types of hosting are prevalent, here is a detailed account of Managed vs Shared WordPress hosting. First, let’s start with their basics.
Shared hosting is the most affordable way to host WordPress sites, and it typically provides unlimited sites, people visiting, and storage.
It accomplishes this by “sharing” a server’s resources among multiple customers.
However, the disadvantages are that your sites will typically load slower and less reliable (because other account holders sharing your server can impact your areas), hosting support will be less effective, and you will typically not receive as many features.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is more costly than shared hosting and typically limits the number of websites, links back, and storage available on each plan.
However, the benefits include significantly faster performance, improved support, and great features such as organising sites, fully automated backups, and other techniques.
Managed WordPress hosting is typically much more dependable because your site receives allocated resources that can scale up during peak traffic.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a configuration in which your account “shares” resources with other accounts on the same server. This comes with several drawbacks, which we’ll review shortly. However, it has one significant advantage: it makes website hosting extremely affordable, which is why it is so popular.


Managed WordPress hosting is best described as a concierge series of WordPress-specific characteristics and optimisations that are a part of any hosting configuration. Managed WordPress hosting, for example, typically includes:

  • Optimized WordPress hosting environments for performance
  • WordPress security policies
  • WordPress updates automatically
  • automatic backups and simple restorations
  • WordPress experts assist.
  • Staging areas for testing changes
  • While managed WordPress hosting can use any infrastructure, most performance-focused managed WordPress hosts use Google or AWS cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • This cloud approach enables managed WordPress hosts to scale resources up or down based on the traffic to your site.
  • For example, if your website becomes popular on social media, the host can quickly increase its resources to ensure that it continues to load rapidly and reliably.

The Dilemmas of Shared Hosting

Even though different hosting accounts share resources with hosting services, other users’ websites may impact your site’s performance and reliability. For example, if some other account on your server is consuming many resources, your site may experience a slowdown.

Standard shared hosting has several flaws, most of which arise from its business model. Although the accounts are inexpensive, they are so because thousands of users share the same server. As a result, the ‘bad neighbour effect’ occurs.

The server, which contains hundreds of accounts, has limited memory. Therefore, if one website consumes more than its fair share of available memory, all other websites hosted on the same server will suffer due to this one ‘bad neighbour.’ This essentially means that a single problematic webpage has the possibility of causing thousands of unconnected sites to have slow load times, or even not at all, in the worst-case scenario.

Furthermore, memory is not the only resource shared on a shared server. Bandwidth, computing power, storage, and users must share everything among these accounts. In many cases, hosts are helpless to resolve a problem.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

The following are the primary advantages of managed WordPress hosting:

First, faster load times — because the infrastructure is more optimised, you don’t have to share resources with the other accounts.

Better security — managed WordPress hosts include WordPress-specific safeguards beyond shared hosting.

Automatic daily backups — while shared hosts provide backup systems, managed hosts go the extra mile.

Better uptime and dependability — managed WordPress hosts use much more reliable infrastructure and do not require resource sharing.

Better support — support staff can assist you with your hosting and WordPress. You will also typically receive quicker responses and more knowledgeable assistance.

Custom hosting dashboards — Most managed hosts provide custom hosting dashboards that are jam-packed with valuable tools.

Breakneck speed

The whole of managed hosting servers is designed to be WordPress-friendly. On the other hand, regularly shared hosts must be able to run any platform/application, so they must forego all of the WordPress-specific adjusting and fine-tuning that managed WordPress hosts can do.

Everything on managed hosting, from the hardware to the software, is designed specifically for WordPress websites. They’ll have server-level caching and will likely run the most optimised versions of PHP, MySQL, and Nginx — each of which you can configure to provide the best possible performance.

Faster page load times aren’t just a mere metric; they can affect your bottom line because page load times affect everything from customer experience to interaction, Google rankings, and conversion rates.

Improved Security

Shared hosts are likely to perform basic security sweeps to ensure that a large number of users on every server means a variety of threats. On the other hand, Managed WordPress hosting takes security to an entirely new level.

Increased security procedures, daily malware scans, and the ability to defend against all types of cyber threats are all features that come standard with most managed WordPress hosting plans.

Automatic backups

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is to keep back up your website! Fortunately, most managed WordPress hosting plans offer not only automated daily backups and also characteristics that allow you to quickly and easily restore backups if necessary.

Many shared hosting services do, to some extent, provide automatic backups via cPanel. However, because they are nearly always stored on the same server. So, they are as vulnerable to damage as the original data. Furthermore, trying to restore one of these backups is frequently tricky.

Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, typically provides one-click restores, which will bring your entire site back online in minutes, if not seconds!

Updates on an Automatic basis

Experts handle your web server, for whom the goal is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Not only do automatic updates cover everything from the server’s operating system to PHP and MySQL, but also WordPress on its own! Check out more about cheap WordPress hosting here.
You’ll always run the most recent, stable, and secure versions of almost everything.

Dashboard features for convenience

Because managed WordPress hosts entirely devote themselves to WordPress. So, most use a custom hosting dashboard rather than the standard cPanel dashboard found on most shared hosts.
Aside from being more pleasant to work in, these dashboards can provide access to various helpful management features.

Better Scalability and uptime

Because of the highly tuned nature of the setup configuration. Therefore, your website will be able to handle far more visitors with a managed WordPress host than it would with shared hosting.
Keep in mind, however, that many leading hosts, such as WP Engine, will have predefined limits on the number of monthly visitors your site can accommodate before incurring additional charges.

Should You Use Shared WordPress Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting?

In a nutshell: When you’re kick-off or running hobby websites, shared hosting can be an effective way to keep your costs low.
However, investing in managed WordPress hosting is usually a good idea as your site grows, especially if you plan to make money from it. Therefore, if you wish to get cheap WordPress hosting, check out Navicosoft now.

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