Kitchen Handles 

Handles are the finishing touches of a kitchen and can be conventional, modern, or minimalist. As such, choosing black kitchen handles requires attention since they typically last a lifetime and become a problem if not picked correctly.

So when creating a new kitchen or updating an old one, kitchen handles may be the last item on your mind. They are tiny, essential, and less expensive than the other components. Besides, they are frequently purchased because people enjoy them, regardless of how they complement or integrate with the overall design. So, keep the following factors in mind when looking for black kitchen handles and knobs for your kitchen: 

  1. Consider Comfort Level

Although opening and shutting cabinets may appear to be a little effort, you may be irritated by the process just because you choose big cabinet handles. So, when holding the handles, you should feel at ease, your hands should fit precisely on the handles, and you should not experience any pain or irritation. As such, avoid cabinet knobs with sharp edges or rough spots since they will give you a bad experience. The grip on the handles should also be near-perfect, making it simple to handle.

  1. Handle Type 

The design of the room will completely determine the type of handle you choose. Meanwhile, there are round and square knobs, long and short handles, and even handleless options. Also, the longer the drawer, the longer the handle, and the narrower the drawer, the shorter the handle. 

  1. Kitchen Handle Sizes

Handles come in a variety of sizes and lengths. So whether you want to alternate handle lengths or keep them consistent throughout is entirely up to you. Meanwhile, comparable measurements are preferable if you want to keep the look consistent regardless of drawer length. And handles in a medium-size are available to fit any kitchen cabinet style, so if you’re unsure what they are, consult your kitchen designer.

  1. The Finish 

It is easy to pick the proper finish once you have decided on the type, size, style, and material for your kitchen cabinet hardware. And in a modern kitchen, stainless steel handles with a highly polished or brushed surface look wonderful. Moreover, pewter and brass are more appropriate for a classic environment. Meanwhile, bronze will develop patina and make a striking statement in appearance in a rustic kitchen over time. And in a transitional kitchen, a black finish looks striking on a light-coloured cabinet. So, whatever you pick, make sure the finish on your cabinet hardware matches the rest of your design.

  1. Consider Replacement 

In addition to considering design, colour, finish, and antique vs modern, bear in mind that kitchen hardware will probably need replacement. Because of design modifications and regular wear and tear, you might have to go looking for that brass knob again in the following ten years. So, make your life simpler by selecting a style that is widely used and easy to replace if necessary. And if you want the mismatched quirky aesthetic, develop something that will fit with another exciting discovery when the time comes. 

  1. The Price of Kitchen Handles 

Price is one of the essential elements when purchasing cabinet handles. And the material is one factor that influences the price of cabinet handles.

Some cabinet handles may be inexpensive because they are constructed of inferior materials. So, before you go out and buy the cheapest cabinet knobs, think twice; the style and finish also determine the price of cabinet pulls.

Considering these factors will help you choose the right kitchen handles for your kitchen. 

By Larry Nicholls

Author BIO - Larry Nicholls is the Marketing Manager at Incrementors. "Incrementors is an award-winning digital marketing company" that is expanding their businesses online by bringing in more customers, leads, and sales. Incrementors focuses on offering clients highly specialised, individualised web marketing solutions.