Four Ways a Wood Fence Can Improve Your Home’s Natural Appearance!

Wood fence materials exist, but wood is still a common option because of its affordability and natural beauty. A wooden fence is not only simple to buy in the ideal size, height, and color for your property, but it is also simple to keep up with. A new coat of paint or stain may easily change the appearance of your fence, and repairs can be made by simply replacing a board. What makes wooden fences so wonderful? Here are five advantages of setting up a wooden fence. We’ll go over four additional ways a wood fence might enhance the natural appearance of your environment later on.

Wooden fences are dependable and reasonably priced.

Compared to materials like wrought iron, aluminum, or vinyl, wood fences maintain a competitive price because it is natural and widely available. A wood fence may survive for decades and preserve its beauty if it is erected and maintained by professionals.

A wooden fence is easy to maintain. Your fence may be kept clean with soap and water, and you can protect it from harm by painting, staining, or applying a water repellent. It’s simple to fix a warped or broken panel by swapping out individual boards.

The selection of wooden fences is essentially limitless. You can choose redwood, cypress, cedar, pine, or spruce, all of which can be painted or stained in any color you like.

If you frequently repaint or stain your fence, you might theoretically alter its color every year. Furthermore, fences can be the ideal height and width for your property. They are available in various types, including board on board, split rail, picket, paddock, shadowbox, fence, and many more. Wooden fencing is a beautiful addition to almost any environment because it is adaptable.

Wooden fencing is safe for the environment. Wood is a wonderful alternative for individuals who care about the environment because it is a renewable resource. Additionally, more and more environmentally friendly solutions help shield timber fences from pests and rust.

Your home’s worth may go up if you install a wooden fence. Home purchasers are drawn to the protection and privacy that wood fences offer. Additionally, wooden fences can make your yard more pleasurable to use, keep your children and pets safe, and raise the value of your property for as long as you live there.

An Old-Fashioned Look

Wooden fences have a lovely, rustic aesthetic that blends beautifully with a natural environment. Because wood is a natural material, it seamlessly transitions into a natural landscape. This fence can be stained or painted in any color that suits your tastes. A fence made of natural wood would look more rustic if it had black hardware.

Further Character

As long as it is properly treated to survive the environment, wood looks better as it ages. Many people appreciate the timeless appearance of these wood fence since it never goes out of style.

A wood fence that matches your design sensibility, whether it be contemporary, traditional, or colonial, can be found among the many design choices available. Dog ear board on board, smooth scalloped board on board, and horizontal spacing board are three types of fences that ActiveYards creates. You could want to think about choosing the colonial spaced picket, victorian picket, scalloped victorian picket, or spaced picket types for a distinct appearance. There are also many choices for privacy fences.


Whether you want complete or partial privacy, wood fences make wonderful privacy barriers. Dog ear solid board, solid gothic board, smooth scalloped down solid board, fence, and tongue and groove are a few of the available wood privacy fence styles. A trellis top can be added to the top of the fence so that you can see through to the other side if you desire a semi-private fence.

Privacy fences are excellent for hiding places that lack aesthetic appeal. You can put a privacy fence around these places, for instance, if you reside in an urban location and have utilities on your property that detract from the natural appearance. To create a more tranquil environment, you can install a privacy wood fence to conceal anything that does not fit the desired natural aesthetic.


A post and rail fence could be an alternative to a wooden barrier that provides unobstructed visibility. Two and three-rail split rail fences are available from ActiveYards. Additionally, three-rail round fences are available. You can see through these fences to the opposite side while still getting the advantages of enclosing your property.

An alternative to a timber fence that allows for unrestricted viewing is a post and rail fence. Active Yards offers split rail fences with two and three rails. Additionally, spherical fences with three rails are an option. These fences provide the benefits of enclosing your property while allowing you to look through them to the other side.

Deer fencing can be erected in addition to the post and rail fence, if necessary, to assist keep undesired animals out while keeping the animals you want safely confined within. The deer fence does not obscure the vista because there is clear visibility through it. In actuality, wood fences frequently enhance views and add aesthetic interest.

There are numerous varieties of wood fencing that are available.

Contrary to popular assumption, numerous types and colors are available for wooden fences. To block wind and increase privacy, privacy fencing is typically five feet tall or more with a choice of an open or closed style. Various architectural types also offer the option of louvered or lattice wood fence.

Because picket fences are inexpensive and perfect for enclosing lawns, they are often used. They improve a home’s curb appeal as well. Rail-style fencing can border bigger parcels of property, keep animals out, or do both.


Remember the advantages wood fencing may bring you and your numerous options while searching for fencing businesses to add charm and privacy to your home. Knowing that most homeowners constantly change their outdoor living spaces may give you the inspiration you need to build the yard you’ve always wanted.