The Jayakarta Hotel complex has become a preferred destination for savvy travelers to Bali, because of its location on the beach in Seminyak and also because of the increasingly popularity of renting Bali apartments. In addition to the hotel rooms at Jayakarta, one also has the option of renting one of the approximately 250 apartments in the two Jayakarta residence buildings, many of which are offered privately by their individual owners.

With just a little online research, you can find yourself a Bali apartment that is perfect combination of location, low price and comfort, with all the amenities you’d find at an upscale hotel but with a larger living area and cooking facilities. Especially if you are coming with a family, it’s easy to see how a short-term apartment rental in Bali can make wohnung mieten berlin things easier as it keeps everyone together and avoids having to rent out multiple units in a hotel.

Jayakarta Apartment Features

The one bedroom apartments at Jayakarta are 45 m² (484 ft.²), with private balconies overlooking the beautifully landscaped hotel grounds. There are kitchenettes, often with basic cooking facilities. Guests staying at the apartments have use of all hotel amenities: three swimming pools, tennis court, workout room, hotel room service, etc. Jayakarta has 24-hr security at both entrances to the complex, with ample parking for your rented motorbike or car. You will find cable TV and most likely DVD player in your apartment. Your rental will also include the service of a maid, just as you’d expect at a hotel. All this, and especially the living area being much larger than that of a hotel room, adds up to a more relaxed holiday in a place that feels more like home than what you’re used to on most vacations.

Jayakarta Location: Seminyak Is The Place To Be!

On any holiday, the location of your accommodations will play a huge part in how well you enjoy your time. Jayakarta is located roughly 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport (slightly more in traffic) in a special part of Bali that really seems to have it all: Seminyak.

Whether you’re coming to Bali with your family, as a couple, or even as a solo budget traveler, Seminyak will be the place you want to seriously consider for your accommodations. This area has probably the very best selection of restaurants on the island, with the cuisines of a few dozen countries on offer and fierce competition between restaurants that keeps prices relatively low and the quality of food and service very, very high indeed. There are several wonderful beach restaurants just a minute or two from the beach entrance of Jayakarta.

Shopping in Seminyak runs the gamut, from inexpensive shops selling sarongs and jewelry that make perfect gifts to take home, to high-end art and furniture stores in which you might be sorely tempted to make a purchase for yourself! Seminyak nightlife ranges from very casual bars to upscale clubs and discos. In recent years this area has become much more popular with tourists as it offers a greater variety of nightspots than the casual, younger party scene down in Kuta. Jayakarta is not only right on the beach, it is situated directly in the middle of Seminyak. It occupies the ‘sweet spot’ between busy Kuta in the south and the more spread out villas and rice paddies in Kerobokan to the north, which might feel a little remote.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding yourself a suitable short-term apartment rental in Bali via the Internet. A quick search online will reveal quite a few owners who rent their units to tourists, at Jayakarta and elsewhere. Remember that another benefit of renting an apartment is that you can ask the owner any questions you might have about his unit as well as the area around the apartment, and if you’ve never visited Bali before this can avoid surprises upon arrival.

All in all Bali apartments offer a way to enhance your visit to this tropical island, while possibly saving you money over a stay in a hotel. Short-term apartment rental options at the Jayakarta Hotel in Seminyak is a great place to start your search.

Rent an Apartment – Tips For Stress Free Apartment Hunting

People moving from their homes to an apartment for rent face a daunting task, with all the little details that need to be remembered. Renting apartments in Makati can be a big change for anyone, and can be difficult to navigate if one is unprepared. There are some things that need to be kept in mind when preparing to move to a new place.

Check if the utilities are working, even when one is still apartment hunting. Check whether the place has electricity, water, and phone connections. Be sure to check for any other utilities that needed, such as the availability of cable or Internet providers. Renting an apartment usually means that the monthly fee includes the basic utilities, but this is not always the case. If the location does not have anything except the basics, check whether or not service providers cover the area and how much the installation would cost.

Contact utility companies ahead of time

Contact utility companies ahead of time. Inform service providers of the move to new apartments in Makati and whether or not services need to be discontinued. This is more of an issue for home owners than those who are renting an apartment. If the need to contact new providers arises, check whether they offer any package deals or discounts.

Be sure to pack early and pack properly. Whether the move is to a house in Makati or a small condo, it is advisable to start packing long before the move. This saves the hassle of putting everything into boxes in a rush. Ensure that all boxes are clearly labeled, so it would be easier to tell where everything is once it is time to start unpacking. Nobody wants to spend the first few days in their new house trying to find which boxes they put their clothes and personal items.

Budget your money and plan ahead for rent increases. Apartments in Makati can get expensive, and there is always the possibility that rent could increase over time. Make sure that the monthly budget not only has enough room for the rent and regular expenses, but also money left over for the unexpected. Once a budget has been prepared, keep it in plain sight as a reminder not to go too far with personal spending.

Check whether the place is furnished or not. Sometimes, it is possible to find an apartment for rent that already has the basic appliances and furniture. Visit the location personally and check what is already there and what should be brought or purchased. One of the most forgettable details is lighting – some apartments in Makati come with lights in mietwohnungen berlin every room, while others don’t. Anything that won’t be needed in the new location could potentially be sold, cutting down on the stuff that needs to be packed.

One suggestion that should never be forgotten when house or apartment hunting is to check for a washer and dryer. In a house in Makati, there would always be space for these. In a condo or apartment, the complex may share a common laundry area. If neither is available, then it would be wise to check if there are any laundry services that would be convenient both in location and price.