Why Promotional Aluminum Water Bottles are Ideal Items For Marketing?

With so much competition out there, it’s getting harder to build a name for your product or service that stands out from the others. When you consider that some corporations are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their products, the situation becomes much more daunting. 

Fortunately, branded products are a more affordable and efficient option for raising brand awareness. Of all the marketing tools at your disposal, promotional aluminum water bottles stand out as particularly useful. Water bottles in particular are a popular promotional item, and most marketers realize this. They are ideal for giving as presents and also getting your brand in front of potential buyers because they are ubiquitous. Not persuaded yet? Then, let’s have a look at some more reasons why branded water bottles are useful.

  • Containers for liquid refreshments are a must.

We can’t last more than a few days without food or water, so it’s no secret that we need it. Drinking 12 to 16 cups of water every day is recommended for optimal health. Water intake should be monitored, although this can be difficult if one spends long periods sitting at a desk.

Promotional aluminum water bottles, thankfully, serve as an ideal prompt to help you up your water intake. People can stay hydrated and meet their water intake goals by keeping one of these bottles on their desks at all times. Water bottles also allow people to track how much water they drink each day, which can help them decide whether or not they need to drink more. As such, water bottles are ideal presents because they are both thoughtful and practical. That also ensures that your branded bottle won’t be thrown away very soon.

  • Bottled water can be taken anywhere.

Because they are lightweight and compact, water bottles enable people to quench their thirst while they’re on the go. If you’re always on the go or have a tight schedule, you’ll appreciate how handy that is. It’s versatile enough to bring to the gym, classroom, or even a fundraiser. Also, while some people may buy a fresh bottle every time they run out, the vast majority of drinkers will reuse their containers. 

But how exactly will that help spread the word about your company?

Giving promotional aluminum water bottles with your company’s logo or URL is a simple way to promote your business. Over time, consumers will begin to recognize your brand when they see it on bottles being used in public. As a result of their research, they will eventually become a paying customer. Fast forward a few days and a few branded water bottles have become a hot topic in the community, all because of your company.

  • To Save Money, Use Water Bottles

As was previously discussed, you can spread the word about your company through any number of promotional giveaways. However, depending on the level of personalization you seek, the cost might add up quickly. Worse yet, you may need to invest in logo redesign services if your current logo no longer works with your intended products.

The situation alters drastically when discussing water containers. To begin, you should expect substantial cost savings as you increase your order quantity. As a result, you can modify your order to fit the scale of your promotion. Plus, most branded aluminum water bottles are large enough for both text and graphics, so you may use whatever brand or design you like. Therefore, water bottles are the best promotional item option for those on a tight budget.

What Are Some Effective Ways to Promote Your Company Through Branded Water Bottles?

Water bottles with your logo are a good promotional item, but you still need to know how to use them in your overall strategy. There are more effective ways to increase brand recognition with water bottles than just handing them out at random.

  • Alliances with Neighborhood Gyms

The popularity of health clubs and exercise facilities has increased dramatically. It’s unusual to meet someone who doesn’t frequent at least one of these establishments. You can target gym-goers with your branded water bottle campaign. After all, there’s nothing better than a cold drink of water to help you recover from a strenuous workout.

This is the procedure that should be followed. Just get a few workers on the payroll or have a chat with the staff at the fitness center about handing out trending promotional giveaways to members and visitors as they enter and leave. The great thing about this approach is that it can be used by any firm, not just those involved in the fitness industry. People who accept your offer of a free bottle of water will be more receptive to hearing a sales pitch or investigating your business. To go all out, you could even get some of them personalized sports bags.

  • Triathlon Prize Give-Aways

Water bottle advertising campaigns are a natural fit for local marathons, 5Ks, and other races of a comparable distance. Getting your brand out there is as simple as ordering a large number of disposable bottles bearing your logo. Distribute them at key points in the race, or the end. The runners will appreciate the water and will think fondly of the people who provided it. If that weren’t enough, you can also rally your staff to run in the event. Wearing branded T-shirts and using a water bottle with your company’s emblem increases exposure. They probably won’t end up winning, but they’ll certainly leave an impact.

  • Freebies at a Conference

Getting up early and staying late at a conference or professional event can be exhausting. It’s easy to feel like you’re running on fumes at a conference, what with all the meetings, talks, and seminars you have to attend. That makes it nearly impossible to consume the amount of water that experts advise.

Be sure to have free branded water bottles at your booth if you will be presenting at or organizing a conference. Inviting more passersby to your booth increases your chances of making a sale. Have some refreshments out on the table as a way to advertise your business even more.

The aforementioned is only the beginning, though. Everyone else will be curious as to what makes your company so distinctive that everyone keeps utilizing its branded promotional products. They will, of course, check you up online or even stop by your booth to discover more about what you have to offer. With any hope, a sizable portion of them will end up as paying customers or at least be aware of your company.

  • Bundles

Swag bags full of free stuff are always appreciated, and it doesn’t matter who gives them out. You may capitalize on this trend by selling bundles that include not just your unique promotional items, but also other, smaller, yet still practical things. For a company picnic, for instance, you could put together a unique goodie bag for each guest. Custom cutlery, a cutting board, a lunch box, and a water bottle with the company’s name on it are all possible inclusions.

The same holds for creating a customer loyalty bundle for your most loyal clients. Include a variety of branded items, from keychains to USB drives to water bottles, in this assortment. Providing such a service boosts the likelihood that a customer will return for more of your offerings.

Sustainable practices

It’s become obvious that Earth is in peril. Whether we like it or not, the garbage we produce annually is mostly to blame. Every day, people produce vast quantities of trash, much of it due to careless or absent waste management. Reducing trash and demonstrating care for the planet are fantastic ways for a business to gain positive public perception.

And if your company is environmentally conscious, you can use bottle distribution as an opportunity to talk to customers about environmental issues. Discussing the use of recycled materials in production and the benefits of adopting a greener lifestyle are also good talking points. Giving away custom aluminum water bottles in bulk is a win for the environment and your company’s reputation.