Why is My Teen Addicted to WhatsApp?

Ever since my daughter started using the smartphone she has been busier than ever. She has got no time for laser gun fights, walks in the park, or night movies. It’s like each one of our activities that were supposed to happen every day has been pushed to the weekend and she even missed the movie last week. Well for the record I am not a ranting Dad and I have managed to maintain my calm and coolness until now but this was the end. Two missed movies in a row and I don’t even remember when we play with the laser guns and don’t even start about the bicycle rides in the park. Soin short teenagers have started consuming the father-daughter time and I was ready to let go without the fight so I made the decision.

Turned out she was always busy with her phone and mostly chatting with her Best friend on WhatsApp. I mean did not you be with her all day at school? Give me a break. So I decided to find out about her this insane addiction to cell phones and WhatsApp and I got the perfect thing to find out. Parental control apps for example the OgyMogy offer social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring features for parents. The app is like the secret eye to the teenager for worrying parents like me who are not getting used to the obsession of cellphones and want answers. Plus it is a full-fledge package that can help you protect your child from online and offline threats. Here is what I have found out about my kid’s addiction so far.

The WhatsApp:

WhatsApp Monitoring is an instant messenger chat app that offers end-to-end encryption to its users. It has been used once for contacting friends and family only but it is like the global icon that is used to make new friends and ads for digital marketing. Teenagers love the app as it offers many interesting features. A new addition to the feature list has made this app more popular among teens and youngsters.

WhatsApp Monitoring Feature:

With the WhatsApp monitoring ability provided by the OgyMogy spy app, one can know everything about the spy app. All, you need to do is install the app in the target teen device when you have physical access to the gadget. Make sure the app is not password encrypted at that time.

Non-Stop Texting on WhatsApp:

The free texting option withWi-Fi with tons of colorful stickers and emojis makes the app a fine choice for every age group of users. My teen likes texting so the notification sound is always on and she is always busy typing. With the Android spy I knew that she has found her new interest and she is busy with that.

Sharing of Hd Quality Photos and videos on WhatsApp:

HD quality sharing of photos and videos is possible with WhatsApp and you can check every content detail with WhatsApp monitoring. Make sure no one sends any vulgar content to your kid. The content the kid shares through WhatsApp is in access to the parents.

WhatsApp Group Calls For Discussion:

Her incoming and outgoing audio and video call list was huge. And as I can see she was sleeping late as there have been regular late-night calls. With The information, I make sure she follows protocol and does not stay awake late at night just because now she has a cell phone.

Many other interesting features offered by the OgyMogy app include the Facebook spy app, Snapchat spy app, Instagram spy app, Kik spy app, Line spy app, and more. The app offers many other parental control features apart from instant messenger chat apps and social media monitoring. That includes GPS location tracking feature, Camera bug and live to listen to surround feature, screen monitoring, access to installed apps and built-in calendar activities and schedules, and much more. I gave the app a try and am sure you will love it just like me. Now My next step is to fit our activities into her schedule as I am not going to let her know that I know about her recent addiction and interest and I am feeling jealous of her music and art class lessons.

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