Why Garage Door Stops Working: Garage Door Maintenance Services

An average garage door opens and closes more than 1,500 times yearly. That’s a significant amount of repeated heavy lifting. Given the frequency of usage, it’s not surprising that garage door problems are a regular source of frustration for most homeowners. Therefore, hiring experts offering affordable garage door maintenance services in Ontario is important for regular maintenance. While some problems are easy to fix, you must hire an expert for others. Sometimes, even a dependable garage door may need extensive repairs that cannot be performed with a few button presses. In this blog post, we will discuss some common reasons why a garage door stops working.

Garage Door Maintenance Services in Ontario and Reasons why it Stops Working

The best garage door maintenance services in Ontario will keep your door working properly. But without maintenance, it may cause problems very often that can be frustrating. Read on to learn why your garage door may not function properly.

Transmitter Batteries are dead

Even though it may seem obvious, the remote controls for your garage door need the power to work. If the batteries in your transmitter are dead, it won’t be able to tell your garage door to open. First, check if your garage door still opens when you press the transmitter on the wall inside your garage. If it does, all your car’s transmitter likely needs is a new battery.

Photo Eye is out of Alignment 

If the garage door opens normally but doesn’t try to close when you press the remote button, you should first look at the photo eyes. Hire experts for professional garage door maintenance services in Ontario to look for the sensor’s problems. Over time, the dirt on these eyes can block the light from the beam. They can also move out of place over time, making the eyes on both sides look different.

Since the photo eye has a glass like a camera lens, you should be careful not to scratch or break it when you clean it. You’ll need a soft cloth and a mild cleaner that doesn’t leave streaks to clean it. Be careful not to get it too wet because too much water can make dirt stick to the eye faster.

The Track is not Aligned Properly 

If the garage door track isn’t lined up right, it can be a big problem. For your door to move, the metal track it runs on must be in the right place.

First, loosen the screws that hold the track to the frame so you can move it. Then, use a rubber mallet to tap the track gently to move it back into place. Make sure it’s straight by using a level. Once the door is in the right place, tighten the screws to keep the track from moving, making it harder to open your garage door.

A professional offering reliable garage door installation services in Riverside CA will have the tools to realign and fix your garage door safely. Also, if the misalignment of the track can’t be fixed, a professional can put in a new track for you.

Something is blocking the Door’s Path

Garage doors are made with a way to turn them around, so they don’t run over things. If your garage door closes halfway and then goes back up, it could be because something on the ground, like a trash can or a toy, is getting in the way. It could also be due to the debris on the tracks that stop the rollers from moving forward. ┬áIf even a small object is on track when the door comes down, it will go back up, so it doesn’t crush whatever is under it. Moreover, you can get affordable garage door maintenance services in Ontario and the experts will inspect your garage door for problems and repair them immediately.

Broken springs

If your garage door doesn’t go up suddenly, even though the remotes are working and the motor is getting power, the torsion springs may be broken. Get the best garage door maintenance services in Ontario and let the experts handle this problem. You’ll hear a loud bang from your garage if you’re at home during one of these breaks. Some people might think a firecracker went off in their garage because this noise can be so loud. That’s because garage doors can be very heavy, and contrary to what most people think, the heavy-duty springs of the door do the heavy lifting, not the garage door opener.

Garage Door Limit Setting

Sometimes, when you close your garage door, it goes back up immediately instead of staying in the closed position. This problem often happens with brand-new garage doors or older ones that need to be reset. If this happens, the most likely cause is that your garage door opener’s open and close limits are set too high. Experts offering affordable garage door maintenance services in Ontario can help you do the setting properly so you won’t have to face this problem.

The disconnect Switch was Enabled

If you can hear your garage door motor running for the full amount of time to open or close the door, but the door doesn’t move, the disconnect switch has likely been turned on. Every garage door opener has a switch that lets you turn it off in case the power goes out. This lets you open or close the door by hand, so your car won’t be stuck in the garage until the power comes back.

Broken Cabled or Torsion Springs

Tension springs and cables in garage doors help the door close slowly and safely. If these tension springs or cables break, your garage door might close fast and hit the ground with a loud bang. This is very dangerous because nothing stops the garage door from crushing whatever is under it. The best thing to do is to call a professional offering best garage door installation company in Riverside CA as soon as you can to come to fix the cables or springs. Once the springs break, the door cables are under a lot of stress, often breaking next. When these cables break, they snap like a broken rubber band and forcefully fly out.

You can contact Dan’s Door Services to hire garage door repair, installation, or maintenance experts. Our experts have the tools and skills to deal with garage door problems.