Why do Indian students choose Canada for higher education?

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations – for international students seeking a foreign country to pursue their studies. With world-class education, inexpensive tuition, and renowned academic institutions – it’s no surprise that over 650,000 international students immigrate to Canada every year. A majority of them migrated from India – accounting for almost 1/4th of landings in 2021. 

Did you know? 9 Canadian universities feature in the top 200 academic institutions worldwide. A reason enough to add Canada to your list of best study-abroad destinations. 

Besides the quality of education and quick Canada Study Visa processing time – there are a plethora of other reasons that make Canada a great study-abroad destination. 

But why is Canada so attractive to Indian students? 

  1. Affordable study programs

One of the key criteria for choosing a study-abroad destination is the tuition fee. While the cost of overseas education can be quite expensive, the average tuition fee for a study program in Canada is lower compared to other popular countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The average tuition fee is CAD$ 33,623 per year for UG programs, CAD$ 20,120 per year for Graduate programs, and CAD$ 98,000 per program for MBA.

  1. Lower cost of living

Students also account for non-tuition fees such as health insurance, accommodation costs, and cost of food. Studying in Canada, students can expect to spend between CAD$ 19,000 – CAD$ 28,800 on living expenses per year. According to a recent cost of living comparison, the cost of living plus rent indices for Canada (54.62), the US (57.60), the UK (53.24), and Australia (61.51). Canada also boasts a quality of life by offering top-notch education, healthcare, employment, job security, and individual freedom. 

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  1. Easier to get admission

Compared to the US and Australia, it can be relatively easier to get admission into Canadian universities and colleges. For enrolling in a bachelor’s program, Canadian educational institutes generally take your high school academic track records into account. Whereas in the US, international students are also required to get a good score on the SAT or ACT exam. Canadian universities and colleges showcase a higher acceptance rate compared to other popular study-abroad destinations. 

  1. Ample post-graduate job opportunities

While Canada is a perfect destination for overseas education – it also is an ideal place for graduates wanting to work and settle in the country. The Canadian government has opened up numerous permanent residency options, as well as, high-demand jobs in Canada for international graduates. The process of getting a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) in Canada is quite easy – and one can apply for it immediately after finishing the study program. 

  1. Canada Immigration pathways

One of the main reasons Canada is a popular study-abroad destination for Indian students is that it is easier to immigrate and apply for Canada PR after your study program. Besides offering a quick Canada Study Visa process, the Canadian government also offers a variety of immigration programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs to move to Canada on a permanent basis. Students with a Canadian degree or Canadian work experience become eligible to apply for Canada PR. 

Studying in Canada

A few months ago, The Times Higher Education published a list of the top universities in the world, which included about 30 Canadian institutions. The process to apply for a Canada study visa has gotten trickier than it used to be as Canada has grown to be a more competitive study destination. You can get in touch with a study abroad consultant in Mumbai if you’re facing trouble applying for a Canada Study Visa