Why Birth Time And Place Are Crucial To Know Correct Kundali?

Every second counts! Yeah, you heard it right. When you want to get your exact Kundali, accurate timing is very important. A slight variation in time can change your entire Kundali prediction. We live in a big world with varied time zones and latitudes.

The sun that rises on one side sets on the other side of the globe at the same time. These changes can make a lot of difference in preparing your Kundali. Today, online software built with astrological programming claims to provide you with a free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time.

However, have you considered how little variation in your data can change your entire life prediction or natal birth chart calculation?

Our Vedic astrology has very clearly mentioned that the accuracy of your Kundali depends on the accuracy of the data you have. You may get free birth chart analysis from anywhere but, to know the right position of planets and stars in your Kundali, your birth time and place both play a significant role.

Here in this article, we have gathered all the essential information for you to know the importance of your birth time and place for your accurate and Janampatri analysis.

What is the significance of birth time in astrology preparing the right Kundali of an individual?

The start of life is mapped astrologically, and the birth chart is a kind of blueprint that defines your journey, traits, personality, and phases. We all know that ecliptic is a 360-degree circle, which is divided into twelve 30-degree zodiac signs. They govern the twelve houses in your birth chart based on the exact birth time of yours. Your correct time of birth helps to determine the correct ascendant (Rising Sign). Ascendant is essential in astrology as it determines the structure and operations of your chart. It is the cusp of the first house. To calculate the house cusp, your birth time is converted into sidereal time for the latitude of your birthplace. Accordingly, midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house of your natal chart. Both of these tell you about your career, relationships, life journey, and social status. Thus, you can get accurate future predictions by date of birth and time.

Now, what happens if you don’t have the exact birth time with you while making your Kundali?

With the wrong time, the Ascendants (rising star) and Midheaven cannot be identified accurately as both of these moves quickly complete all the twelve signs in a day. Now, you know how it is very crucial to have the exact time of your birth to get the right map of your life journey. With Expert Astrologers , it is very easy to accurately horoscope by date of birth and time.

Why is the birthplace essential for generating the right Kundali?

From above, it is understood that time can affect the two most influencing factors in a Kundali, which are the ascendant and Midheaven. The location also has an influencing effect on these two aspects. The error in the latitude affects the ascendants and the house cusps. An error of about half a degree in the ascendant calculation is caused due to one-degree mistake in latitude. Similarly, an error in longitude will cause an error of 4 minutes in the birth time. These errors can affect your natal chart greatly.

Here, you might wonder what’s the use of a natal chart or birth chart? Well, it describes ‘you’ from head to toe! The coded language of planets – indicate what’s within you and what will be projected outside. It is a yardstick to measure anything related to that person. In short, the Birth Horoscope is a powerful tool to know a person in and out. If you know the person well, you would know how to deal with that person or how to handle that person. Sometimes, we tend to have expectations from a person that are beyond his capacity. This may lead to friction and frustration for both the persons involved. However, by using the Birth Horoscope, if we know the brighter as well as the weaker side of the person, we can deal with that person accordingly. The idea is to create a better and healthy society, which is possible only if we know the potential of that person.

Birth Horoscope is the base of all the events likely to take place in the future. A birth chart foretells whether something is in your fate or not. Per se, if someone is not going to achieve any master degree (falls under the 9th House of higher education in the birth chart), even the best planetary transit or Dasha Bhukti cannot help. If planetary transits are referred to in absence of planetary positions at birth, prediction would go wrong. Some people who may just consider the position of Ascendant and start predicting, can go completely wrong. Birth Horoscope with planetary positions requires basic factors to gauge things and situations in store for you.

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Birth Horoscope is a powerful tool that can help choose the right direction in life, if you have faith in it. And if you are already on the right path, you may reach the destination easily and happily, by following your birth chart. Knowing your Birth Horoscope or birth chart is equal to knowing yourself very well!

Wrapping up

We hope this explains to you clearly how one can get accurate predictions by date of birth and time. Ascendants (rising star), Midheaven, planets, and houses play a vital role in analysing the birth chart of an individual.

Indian Astrologers know how to use this information to get free horoscope analysis gives you a clearer and more accurate prediction of your future life. Astrology is a science that works on calculations and principles. If any of the required detail is missing, you might not get your desired results.

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