Which Laptop brand is better, MSI or Lenovo?

MSI and Lenovo are renowned laptop brands. The popularity goes beyond everybody, and the reason is the competent hardware and good aesthetics of the laptops. Lenovo and MSI are great options to consider if you are looking for powerful machinery for handling graphic-intensive or power-hungry tasks or games. The feature-packed laptops have the most game-enhancing specs you can find in the market.

In this article, we will analyze these high-end brands to see which is the best one or what are the areas where any of these two brands take the lead or offers more as compared to the other one.

What do MSI laptops have to offer:

MSI has a reputation for producing the best gaming laptops in the whole world. The MSI laptops are capable enough for handling any modern game or any AAA title game like a piece of cake. The brand has mastered the art of integrating the right kind of top-notch hardware into the laptops.


MSI produces the slickest and trendiest laptops with a strong gaming vibe. However, there are some MSI laptops, especially for the creative series, that have a different and professional look, but the rest of the designs are inspired by the games. All the MSI laptops look attractive, and the build is solid.


It is a very well-known fact, that more RAM is required for demanding games and especially the games with AAA titles. MSI has dedicated itself to producing the ultimate gaming beasts for the gaming fanatics and for this reason they have integrated more and more RAM into the systems. Keeping that in mind, there is at least 8GB of RAM in the MSI laptops which is the minimum requirement for gaming, and it goes up to 128GB of RAM for future-proofing purposes as well.


The functionality and quality of the laptop have substantially improved over the years. MSI laptops are way ahead of others when it comes to intriguing features for gamers. You can see that almost every MSI laptops have top-of-the-line graphic cards, i.e., NVIDIA RTX or GTX series. If you want extra-ordinary realism in the gaming sessions, go for RTX 20 series. Ray tracing is also available in the series, making this GPU capable enough to deliver the most advanced graphics to gamers. Even the mid-range MSI laptops have Core i5 processors and most of them have Core i7 processors.

For high-end laptops, thermal management is an essential requirement. MSI is well aware that with such hardware configuration, an efficient cooling system will be required. For that reason, MSI has introduced dual-fan cooling solutions to address the over-heating issues. On top of this, the screen specs are also in line with the gaming requirements which further adds to a good gaming experience.

Value and Selection:

MSI has a wide range of laptops that you can choose from. Although MSI integrates quality hardware which makes the laptop pricey, they still have mid-range laptops. Having said that, even mid-range MSI laptops have solid graphic cards and amazing specifications. So, you won’t be at a loss even if you pick a mid-range MSI laptop. For the high-end laptops, no matter the price, the MSI laptops are the best and they are worth every penny spent on them.


MSI is way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovations. MSI makes sure to jump to new opportunities and incorporates them before any brand in the market. MSI has introduced a culture of innovation and infinite possibilities in the industry. With the robust designs, latest specifications, advanced graphics, hardware, etc., the brand is breaking all the barriers.

Best MSI laptops:

Every MSI laptop is one of its kind, but we are listing a few of them here.

  • MSI GS65 Stealth
  • MSI GT75 Titan
  • MSI GE75 Raider
  • MSI Vector GP76
  • MSI Prestige 15

What do Lenovo laptops have to offer:

Lenovo is all about performance efficiency and intense durability. Lenovo laptops have a well-deserved reputation for delivering maximum productivity to the users. Here are a few factors that made Lenovo earn a top spot in the laptop industry.


One of the main issues the users have to encounter is the higher pricing of the laptops. This is a major issue and Lenovo has a solution for this. There is no doubt that the specs required for gaming or heavy tasks require solid hardware and obviously, they cost a lot.

However, Lenovo has a different approach and proved that laptops can offer good specs and features at a reasonable price as well. There is no hard and fast rule that a laptop with a low price can’t is good or productive. For this reason, Lenovo has designed laptops for education, office, and gaming. All these laptops can give a good coemption to any competitor.


People give a lot of importance to aesthetics and for quite some time it seemed like the manufacturer has ignored this. Lenovo understands this very well and has come up with the most sturdy and stylish designs for laptops. The highly-aesthetic designs of the Lenovo laptops prove that a laptop can have good looks and even better specs. Whether you are looking for a sturdy machine or a durable one, Lenovo got you covered.  

Battery life:

You can find a handful of options when looking for long battery life. Lenovo has focused on this matter knowing the need of the users that many of them prioritise good battery life. Lenovo introduced Lenovo ThinkPad X1 which can go on for more than 13 hours without compromising performance or productivity. This is completely unheard of especially in the laptop industry. You are highly mistaken if you think that good battery life is only limited to the ThinkPad X1. Almost every Lenovo laptop can survive half a day over a single charge.

Best Lenovo Laptops:

Out of many worthy options, we are mentioning the best ones here.

  • Lenovo V15
  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga
  • Lenovo Legion 7i
  • Lenovo IdeaPad S130
  • Lenovo ThinkVision M15

MSI vs Lenovo:  

If you are looking for a powerhouse or a gaming beast, the obvious choice is MSI. However, if budget is an issue and you want an all-rounder and productivity-focused laptop, Lenovo would be the right choice. Both the brands give an excellent value for money and the tech support is always there to help you with the problems.

Bottom line:

Lenovo and MSI are setting the trends in the industry, and it is very difficult to compete with both brands. The popularity of the brands is unquestionably good. Keep in mind that MSI and Lenovo can give you the best of both worlds i.e., work and gaming. Both the brands cover a larger portion of the laptop customers, and the graph is going higher and higher every year.  The best part is that the brands are constantly evolving and putting a considerable amount of time, effort, and resources to provide the users with the best experience through the ultimate systems.