Which Is The Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Company – GetCallers or Boldly?

Virtual assistant services are highly in demand as it helps to run businesses smoothly and efficiently. This article aims to compare the two contenders of the game – GetCallers and Boldly and identify which one is the best.

It is important to learn about both these companies in brief before we start the comparison.

About GetCallers

GetCallers offers a cloud call center and virtual assistant for small and midsize businesses. GetCallers has offered a solid, modern solution to a variety of common company.

requirements since 2008. Its call center staff and virtual assistants are prepared to handle administrative tasks, help with customer care, and grow the company.

About Boldly

Boldly, a premium subscription staffing firm with staff members in North America and Europe was founded in 2012. Boldly provide highly qualified remote workers that founders and executives can rely on to represent their company and do responsible activities as part of a straightforward monthly subscription. This helps them advance their businesses.

Which One is the Best In Business?

There are many factors that contribute to making the best and in-demand virtual assistant company. So let’s have a look at those factors and analyze which services among GetCallers or Boldly fulfills them.

Service Charges

Being a user, you always prioritize service charges or prices because directly and sometimes indirectly, it indicates the worth or quality of the virtual assistant services.

GetCallers – GetCallers offers affordable pricing to maintain your business operations in a smooth run. It offers three weekly plans and the best part is that the cost reduces if you hire more than 3 agents.

• 30 hours/week | $ 5.95 per hour for 3+ agents ea. | 1 agent at $6.95/hr
• 35 hours/ week | $ 5.75 per hour for 3+ agents ea. | 1 agent at $6.75/hr
• 40 hours/week | $ 5 00 per hour for 3+ agents ea. | 1 agent at $6.50/hr

Boldly – Boldly offers service plans as per the following-

• 40 hour plan for $2040/month
• 50 hour plan for $2550/month
• 60 hour plan for $3060/month
• 80 hour plan for $4080/month

In case you have a requirement for more than 80 hours, just connect with Boldly for pricing details.


A virtual assistant must offer services worth the service charges which eventually makes the services affordable and favorable. Let’s have a look at what types of services both companies have to offer.

GetCallers – Trusted by more than 800 clients, including well-known companies like RAM, Chrysler, Farmers Insurance, and many others. We can provide the solution if it has to do with making calls. For all phone call requirements, both incoming and outgoing, such as:

• Outbound calling
• Inbound customer service
• Appointment scheduling and management

GetCallers’ virtual assistants take care of the tasks remotely such as-

• Social media management
• Calendar scheduling
• Calling
• Data entry

Boldly – It provides executive assistant services in various domains such as-

• Executive Admin – C-Level assistance for executives
• Personal support for busy executives
• Social media marketing
• Project management
• Customer services
• Bookkeeping
• Multilingual services

Mode of Work

The mode of work decides the cost and utility of the services. If services are provided virtually then it would incur minimum costs.

GetCallers – GetCallers’ virtual assistants provide services virtually for various businesses such as real estate, finance, insurance, medical, mortgage, credit, home maintenance, and cleaning.

Boldly – Boldly also provides US-based premium virtual assistance services virtually for various business services and operations.

Obligation for Contracts

The more you are trapped in the legal or contractual terms, the more it will damage your operating cycle and working capital. Ideally, any virtual assistant services should not restrict the customer to contractual obligations.

GetCallers – There are no contractual restrictions while using GetCallers to hire virtual assistant services. All you have to do is contact GetCallers by phone or email three days before the subsequent billing cycle.

Boldly – Boldly offers premium virtual assistant services with no payroll and no contracts. Boldly makes the process of employing virtual assistant services much easier.

Customer Service & Support

GetCallers provides two types of customer help:

• Premium Support
• Onboarding and Implementation

Under premium support, GetCallers provide premium assistance, and direct campaign management looks into technological problems and keeps an eye on everything necessary. Check out GetCallers and register for more information. Under onboarding and implementation, GetCallers helps to optimize campaigns, offering integrating lead resources with excellent customer service.

Working with the top virtual assistant companies has some advantages. Because these agencies tend to offer a broader range of services, they tend to be a better partner in helping you meet your goals. When they work on your projects, they are much more likely to see the big picture of what you are trying to accomplish, rather than one piece of the puzzle, as a web tech might. You also get the benefit of working with a team; this tends to cultivate the spirit of collaboration.

Boldly ensures to provide full support via the client success team which provides personal onboarding to help you get started and regular check-ins to support your long-term success. Boldly is just a few steps away to give you the support you need. Just submit your details and the customer support team will connect with you in no time.

So, Who’s the Best?

Looks like it is a tie. Both GetCallers and Boldly have something great and useful to offer. So, if you are looking for affordable pricing and great customer support then you must choose GetCallers. At the same time, if you are looking for a specialized service like project management, then there’s any better option other than Boldly. Whichever you choose, it is advisable to research extensively and then conclude, after all, it is about your business and you do not want to make complacent decisions.

Virtual assistant companies are an option if you cannot afford to hire an in-house manager or administrative assistant. Small businesses generally run their company on a small scale, and on a small budget. However no matter how hard you may try, you will eventually agree that it is not possible for you to do all your tasks on your own and get some profit through your company.