Which Is The Best App To Start Options Trading In 2023?

Trading options has exploded in popularity over the last few decades and options trading in particular has become a top list for many traders.

A novice trader will always seek the best options trading strategies in order to make more money and a seasoned trader will think of the best option strategy builder that provides a balance between reward and risk.

So with these thoughts in the mind, there are several apps available that provide you with the best strategy for option trading

These apps will help you to seek profits in the options trading arena while also making sure to cover yourself against undue risk.

1. SpeedBot

SpeedBot is one of the best free automated trading app and Options Trading App which focuses on algorithmic trading for all traders.

SpeedBot is an all-in-one app that will help trade analysts, amateur traders, day traders, working professionals, and investors.

SpeedBot is a platform that includes everything that requires for options trading from A to zero.

This app has been integrated with several innovative features like,

  • It provides the best feature for automation and execution, speedBot is truly an automated platform that provides highly sophisticated trading opportunities and strategies. 
  • SpeedBot is easy and convenient. It does not require any coding or experience once you have decided on the strategy and set the margin then the bot will perform its work.
  • This app is ideal for professional experts because if they have some strategies to test then backtesting can be done which helps to check their strategies before implementing them.
  • SpeedBot provides you with a detailed report based on your investment style which will help you deliver the best strategy for options trading.
  • This platform provides you with an Advanced backtest report, which provides you a quick glance at your trading pattern and helps in analyzing your risk and reward.
  • Also if you are a beginner it has pre-built option strategies which will help you to drive in the options trading world.
  • Option trading bots are designed in such a way that act upon the movement of market trends and provide you with Hassle free experience and assured profits.

2. Zerodha Streak

Zerodha streak is one of the best options trading software which is available for Zerodha subscribers.

Zerodha streak is suitable for beginners as well as professional traders. This app is built with various exciting features which will help you to sail in this trading market.

It is a user-friendly app inbuilt with plenty of good features like

  • Advanced strategy creation as a wide variety of analysis indicators and tools are available.
  • Notifications, triggers, and alerts help traders not to miss excellent opportunities.
  • It has dynamic control.
  • It has an effective backtesting feature as this app contains plenty of historical data.
  • It has a multi-time frame.
  • This software is a bag with a technical trading indicator that helps in implementing a profitable strategy.
  • Customized scanning tool.
  • The trader doesn’t need to learn coding to do algo trading.

3. Angel Broking 

Angel broking trading platform Angle one is a known platform among all traders.

This app is already certified as the best platform for stock trading but this app is also very beneficial for options trading.

It has the best algorithmic functionality which provides error-free and emotion-free trading to the traders

This app is very useful for beginners as it provides the opportunity to learn options through segment options.

One of the useful features is, it helps to have a glance at the option chain directly when searching for the scrip at the search bar.

It provides you last traded price, OI price, and sticker price.

The trading method in this app is quite simplified and easy which help you to buy/ sell option contract quickly in some simple steps.

4. Algo Trader

This is one of the best open source algo trading platforms, it uses a quick Esper engine which helps it to operate at high speed, for instance, it’s 5 million events/ sec.

Algo trader serves some exciting features on the table.

  • Training and documentation support through online mode and also manually.
  • Highly customizable software to test different strategies.
  • It has a robust and contemporary structure, thus very reliable.
  • It uses modern technology like Java, Grail, spring, Esper, etc making this platform Easy and flexible.
  • It is one of the most affordable and cost-effective algorithmic trading platforms.

5. 5Paisa Mobile App

Another name that comes in the list is the 5 paisa app.

5 paisa trading app is the premier service app that gives you access to trade-in options carefully and efficiently.

This algo trading platform has been applauded for its variety of features.

  • The infrastructure provided by the trading platform is smooth and flexible, and it shows the call option. the left and put the option on the right making it an inbuilt option chain with the strike price in the center.
  • It also helps you to develop and personalize the strategies, they also have pre-approved and preloaded strategies.
  • The interface of this app is very fast and easy to use,  it helps them to execute the orders at the right time which helps them to capture the best possible price and trade effectively.

6. RoboTrader

It is a type of plug-in software that allows multiple traders to use the same tool.

It provides services to multiple users like a trader, investors, technical analysts, etc. 

Here are some of the unique features of this app

  •  A trader can customize their strategies productively by combining certain parameters and to without coding.
  • Also, this has features of maximum risk percentage which will inform. Trader when to stop trading.
  • This platform can handle multiple scripts at a single time. It also has a facility for recording a partial profit.
  • It has a feature of real-time automation also and if traders are not satisfied then manual intervention can be done.
  • This platform allows the trader to utilize the cloud,  hence it does not require any downloads.

Bottom Line

Options trading can be a game changer for traders, thus it is also necessary to have an efficient partner on your side to help you to sail in this journey. 

So before finalizing your options trading app you should be clear about your own requirements and expectations from a particular app.

In case you need any further assistance our SpeedBot team will be happy to assist you.

Happy option trading!!