WhatsApp Marketing meet Chatbots: A New Game Changer

For the last few years, WhatsApp marketing has effectively stolen the spotlight from social media and other digital communication approaches. However, the buzz will not fade very soon, instead will grow even higher. You’ve got yourself a true marketing game-changer when you add chatbots to the WhatsApp marketing mix.

But how do you even begin?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

“WhatsApp marketing” broadly refers to any marketing or promotional activity conducted via WhatsApp. Marketers typically utilise WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, two independent interfaces that let you manage discussions with your audience.

WhatsApp users are extremely active, sending more than 65 billion messages per day. In addition, WhatsApp provides a product catalogue for businesses to select from that best suits their needs and allows them to connect with their target group.

WhatsApp Business Vs WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business App is a separate (free) app designed to help small and medium enterprises connect with their consumers. It enables businesses to sort and respond to client messages fast.

As WhatsApp prioritises privacy, you can only contact users who have permitted you or started the communication.

WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is not a standalone application. It necessitates a complex technological configuration that allows you to combine your WhatsApp business profile with existing systems and utilise it as a conduit between your company and clients. The WhatsApp Business API is targeted toward medium and big enterprises because it is still in development, and the process is rather involved.

WhatsApp Chatbots – The Real Game Changers

WhatsApp chatbots not only allow you to communicate with your clients and prospects where they are most comfortable. They also give you the option of automating the conversation.

The customer experience is in full swing as customers are far more demanding than they used to be of brands and enterprises. As a result, many people appreciate the experience of interacting with a company more than the price tag.

Everything became faster as technology advanced. As a result, today’s consumers want quick, individualised attention, immediate support, and memorable interactions. Chatbots have allowed organisations to stay relevant and automate while maintaining personalisation. WhatsApp chatbots are one of the most promising WhatsApp marketing solutions since they can automate important company activities while preserving a human touch on the world’s most popular messaging service.

Steps to Create a Whatsapp Chatbot

Get WhatsApp API Approval

Since the API is still in the BETA phase, WhatsApp targets medium and corporate businesses. The process takes up to 4 weeks and requires providing your company name, URL, and the name and contact details for a corporate representative.

This can be done with the help of WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, which can also be your chatbot development platform. Mtalkz, for instance, can serve as a management intermediate, overseeing the application and its configuration.

Pick a Chatbot Builder

When constructing a chatbot for WhatsApp, it’s highly advised that you use a bot builder because it makes the process much easier. Using a builder to create a WhatsApp bot saves you time and eliminates many technical issues.

Mtalkz has created capable, intelligent, and friendly chatbots for thousands of businesses. It can also use its chatbot knowledge to your company’s chatbot needs, ensuring that it meets WhatsApp’s unique customer engagement promise.