What types of kids hoverboards are there?

Kids Hoverboards do not have handlebars . There is an electric motor on each of the two wheels . They drive the small boards quietly. The motors get their energy from an integrated battery . If the battery is fully charged, most models can run for just under three hours under optimal weather and ground conditions. It is controlled by shifting your body weight using a gyroscope or gyro sensor (this is what the built-in sensor technology is called). It is attached under the tread and reacts sensitively to weight shifts. In order to drive straight ahead, the driver has to shift his weight forward. If you shift your weight to the side, the kids hoverboards will turn. In order for it to move backwards, you must shift your weight backwards.

Several variants have already been established for hoverboards. The main ones are the monowheel, the balance hoverboard, and the hoverboard kart . The following table explains the differences between these models:

  • quick success for beginners
  • classic hoverboard with two wheels
  • with self-balancing function for novice drivers
  • Motor under each wheel with 350 to 400 watts of power
  • Range of 10 to 15 kilometers
  • Maximum speed between 10 and 30 km/h
  • Hoverboards are only suitable to a limited extent for children because some of them are very heavy, which makes transport difficult

What should you consider when buying a kids hoverboard according to tests on the Internet?

When buying a kids hoverboard, there are a few criteria that are particularly important: the maximum speed , which is 15 km/h for most models in kids hoverboard tests, and the battery charging time , which is between two and three, at least for new kids hoverboards hours. The maximum range and the maximum driver weight are also important purchase criteria. In addition, you should check suitability for children and/or adults and opt for a model with a battery indicator and rechargeable battery when buying a hoverboards for kids.

How strong should the engine power be?

Most kids hoverboards have two powerful electric motors installed. Scooters or electric scooters, as hoverboards for kids are often misleadingly called, have a total output of 400 to 800 watts, which is divided between two motors with an individual output of 200 to 400 watts.

  • The Battery: Most devices have a lithium-ion battery that is best secured with a non-flammable fiberglass mount. Adhesive tape as a fastening material is dangerous because it can catch fire. Charging is usually done with a special kids hoverboard charging cable.
  • The speed: How fast a hoverboards for kids can go depends on several factors: the engine power, the surface, the wind and the weight of the rider. Most models have a maximum speed of 15 km/h . Few professional models make it to 20 to 30 km/h.
  • The range: Just like the speed, the range of your board depends on the capacity of your kids hoverboard battery, the surface and the weight of the rider. On average, you can drive about 15 to 20 kilometers with a fully charged battery with a brand name hoverboard for kids.

How important is the tire size of a hoverboard for kids?

Tire size determines who can ride the kids hoverboard and where the kids hoverboard should ride.

Tires for kids hoverboards come in different sizes and are made of different materials. Regarding the size, this recommendation can be derived from various kids hoverboard tests on the Internet:

  • Small 4.5 inch tires are suitable for children up to 50 kg and for use on level ground, for example the hoverboards for kids Explorer Junior 4.5″.
  • Medium-sized 6.5 inch tires are also suitable for adults. This makes it easy to drive on paved paths and roads, for example with the kids Hoverboard City BBoard Life. The Bluewheel hoverboard also has 6.5 inch tires, as do models from Colorway, GeekMe and Robway.