What is the difference between Blackmores Bio C and vitamin C?

Plethora of health supplements in the market shows there are increasing demands and needs. Health supplement aims to support a person’s general health and wellness. There are so many active ingredients that have been highlighted in health supplements. With so many kinds of health supplements, one can easily get lost or overwhelmed in these vast choices. One of the questions a person might ask is “what is the difference between Blackmores Bio C and Vitamin C?”.

    In short, the differences are, Blackmores Bio C is a health supplement product while vitamin C is an active ingredient that has been proposed to have numerous health benefits. You can get vitamin C in health supplement products or food but you can only get Blackmores Bio C as a supplement sold in the market. Another main difference is Blackmores Bio C has a fixed amount of vitamin C while vitamin C in general is available in different doses, amounts and forms. Both of these share similar health benefits such as an immunity booster, help one achieve healthier skin, supporting the bones, muscle along with its supportive structures and slows down ageing process or diseases. Below are details on differences between the both.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is known as a water-soluble vitamin, which means vitamins in this group are easily eliminated by the body through kidney process and ultimately end up in the urine. This also means vitamin C needs to be taken daily on a regular basis as the body is unable to store it for a long time. Recommended values of vitamin C are approximately 70 mg for adults and an adult minimally needs 40 mg of vitamin C everyday. The upper limit for vitamin C is 2000 mg and this is considered extremely high for humans. Taking vitamin C more than 1000 mg may possibly trigger side effects such as stomach pain, diarrhoea, nausea and flatulence. Long term side effects of overdosing vitamin C may lead a person to severe diarrhoea or formation of kidney stones.

Blackmores Bio C

It is a supplement containing 1000 mg of vitamin C and 100 mg of bioflavonoids. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet daily with a meal. The dose of vitamin C in this supplement is within the recommended dose as according to the Recommended Daily Intakes (RNI) and below the established upper limit of 2000 mg. This ensures the person consuming this supplement gains the most benefits of vitamin C from only one tablet. Bioflavonoids are unique phytochemicals that exist in most citrusy fruits which give colour to the fruits and possess nutrients. This unique phytochemical is known as an antioxidant. Although vitamin C and bioflavonoids can work as individual active ingredients providing numerous health benefits, this supplement uses the advantage of combining these two ingredients to enhance and maximise their effects. Research shows that in the past, combined action of vitamin C and specific bioflavonoids has contributed to health benefits although most of these benefits were only credited to vitamin C. This may be due to limited research or availability of scientific instruments to help support findings of bioflavonoid. In the past, bioflavonoids were referred to as vitamin P and you can see this term being used countlessly in old research studies.

       While taking supplements does promise numerous benefits, it is essential to take it according to the label products or healthcare professional’s advice. Those undergoing cancer treatments or diagnosed with blood disorders such as thalassemia or haemochromatosis should be careful when taking vitamin C supplements because vitamin C can affect the course of treatment or cause other complications. Also read – Dengue Prevention