What Is JavaScript? A Guide for Total Beginners

Many of you may not be acquainted with the fact that JavaScript as of 2022 is being used in approximately 98% of the websites.

This programming language was designed in order to track client information and behaviour.

This fact alone, speaks volumes about the importance of learning the programming language using either software tools for JavaScript compilers or the online compilers that are available.

Follow this blog to learn the basics of the JavaScript programming language for beginners who are setting foot in the coding space.

A quick definition of JavaScript

Have you ever noticed how websites refresh on their own without having to manually drag down the cursor? JavaScript provides you the mechanism to perform the task.

JavaScript as a coding language facilitates using a complex set of tools and functions to make sure that the frontend or the design of the website is executed in an efficient manner.

This basically consists of all the components you observe in a website when you open it on your browser. 

For instance anything that refreshes automatically, moves or pops-up or changes without any manual manipulation.

The features available in a website simulated by JavaScript can consist of the following:

  • Interactive forms
  • Auto complete or suggestive texts
  • Slideshows for photos
  • Graphics animation

Where is JavaScript used?

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages which is used for designing thousands of online gaming platforms. 

You will find a plethora of online role playing games, platform games, racing games, 2D and 3D games that have been developed using JavaScript.

Other than that, JavaScript also provides an interactive user interface for building servers, hardware control and thousands of application softwares.

The versatility of JavaScript are endless, take a look at some of the complex and interactive workspaces where the Javascript is used to develop on a regular basis:

  1. Developing interactive websites

Did you know that JavaScript is currently being used by 97.7% of global websites or web development?

This speaks volumes for the versatility of the programming language. Before the advent of JavaScript, HTML and CSS were more commonly used for interactive web development.

JavaScript allows its users to implement the following features:

  • Zooming in and out of an image
  • Applying effects for hovering
  • Creating animations
  • Hiding or displaying the drag down menu vertical
  • Playing videos and audios in a website
  1. Developing applications

Versatility is basically the main attribute of the JavaScript programming language.  With the extensive and elaborate framework facilitated by JavaScript, designing software applications has only been made easier and more accessible.

Think of it as a blueprint for designing apps. Take a look at some of the most popular frameworks provided by JavaScript:

  • Node.js- This is a collection of data which allows to establish a two way communication amongst different servers.
  • React Native- This framework allows developers to program mobile applications.
  • React- This framework stimulates the designing and detailing of web based applications.

It was Facebook that built the React Native and the React framework which is currently supporting an interactive social media platform for millions across the globe.

  1. Designing interactive games

Much like providing a versatile framework for the development of software applications and websites, JavaScript also provides decent blueprints for programming virtual games.

The game engines used for developing and programming the online games in JavaScript include JawsJS, DarlingJS and Backbone.

Many of these IDEs or compilers are open source. The main advantage for this is that the budding programmers can interact with the professional team of experts to devise their own gaming programs.

The usage of the Javascript programming language is certainly endless. The main attraction of this programming language is that it is the newer modified version of C++.

The C++ programming language is the backbone for the new and upcoming programming languages, and Javascript is one of them.

At this stage it is important to know the purpose for devising the Javascript programming language.

What was the motive behind designing JavaScript?

Designed by Brenden Eich, JavaScript as a programming language is a prodigy of the Netspace corporation where it was designed to stimulate the network static of the web pages.

At the beginning stage, the other usage of the Javascript programming language was not clear to the programmers. 

Eich was more focused on devising a programming language that made use of Java and attributes from the other programming languages as well.

JavaScript was designed for the following reasons:

  • Speed

The native language of JavaScript allows relatively faster coding speed in the web server of the Javascript compilers as compared to the other programming languages.

  • Dynamic pages

Before the inception of JavaScript, interacting with the web pages for the users was not possible. It was only after the introduction of JavaScript that millions of web users could become interested with the interfaces of the online websites.

  • For reducing memory usage

Since the online compilers for JavaScript need not be downloaded on your PC console, the JavaScript programming language ultimately reduces memory usage by a landslide in comparison to the other programming languages.

  • Designing interactive user interface

In the current scenario almost all the social media platforms have been designed using the interface of JavaScript.

All of these are valid points depicting the importance of  learning the Javascript programming language can be highly fruitful for the budding developers and programmers.

Now that you are acquainted with why JavaScript was designed, let us take a look at why learning this programming language can boost your resume and skills.

Why is learning JavaScript important?

For Front-end, Back-end as well as Full-stack development, JavaScript is arguably the most resourceful programming language.

JavaScript was designed to effectively change the dynamics for designing web interfaces.

From Gaming to Information, there is nothing much that JavaScript cannot manage to accompl in terms of programming and app development.

Wrapping Up

Developed within merely 10 days, Brendon Eich has revolutionised the ecosystem of programming and development by designing JavaScript.

Since the online compilers for JavaScript are readily available, you save ample amounts of space and time while coding in this programming language.

It you are a budding programmer, using an online JavaScript compiler would be most suitable for you since all the developer options in the IDEs are simple and easy to manipulate.