What is Asset Tokenization? Advantages of Considering Asset Tokenization

When Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency in the world was launched in the year 2009, very few believed in its success. However, now in the present majority of the individuals are deeply regretting why they have not purchased this virtual currency as the price now has sky-rocketed. The new development in the field of the blockchain industry is asset tokenization through which the buying and ownership of the assets have been transformed.

Although at the earlier stage, blockchain technology was just created to enable the existence of the crypto, this technology has been developed unexpectedly as it has created different new possibilities.

Blockchain development solutions are getting spread over almost all industries and due to this, it has become possible to ensure the tokenization of real physical assets and owners will be holding their own in the digital form.

What is Asset Tokenization?

In simpler terms, we can refer the asset tokenization as the digitalization of tangible as well as intangible assets and then transforming them into tokens. These tokens would be then stored on the blockchain. In the process of asset tokenization, a single token will not be equal to one whole asset, however, assets will be broken down into smaller parts and many tokens will be issued for a single asset.

It means that there will be the concept of fractional ownership in asset tokenization as one asset would be owned by various token holders. Once these owners will be tokenizing their assets, they can either store them or trade them or transfer them to their co-owners.

The concept of Asset Tokenization is connected to STO (Security Token Offering) and blockchain technology. As we know that everything starts with blockchain technology in the asset tokenization and the owner of the asset will be required to choose a unique STO platform through which the physical asset will be transformed into a digital asset.

In the last few years, it has been seen that more and more asset owners, individuals and startups are keen to grab the asset tokenization opportunities. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that asset tokenization will become the future of blockchain technology.

Now we have properly understood what is asset tokenization, let us discuss some of the major benefits of this advancement in the blockchain industry.

Advantages of Asset Tokenization

There are innumerable benefits of asset tokenization due to which you must consider this new technological advancement. Some of the key benefits or advantages are discussed as follows:

  • Highly Transparent

Transparency is implied by default when using a public blockchain because all transactions are visible to all users. Any user will find this to be crucial because it allows them to track the whole history of all interactions with a specific asset, confirm its provenance, and discover how ownership has changed.

  • Offers Fractional Ownership

The asset’s owner is free to divide it into as many pieces as necessary. Splitting assets makes it possible to just partially own them. This draws the attention of a lot of investors and again results in increased asset liquidity.

  • Cost-Efficient

By enabling direct communication between the asset’s owner and its buyer using blockchain technology, intermediaries are no longer necessary. The money that would often be spent on third-party services is greatly decreased as a result.

  • Offers Broad Accessibility and High Liquidity of Assets

With asset tokenization, anyone from anywhere in the world may tokenize their assets and sell them whenever they choose. Furthermore, the list of assets can be very long and may even contain very illiquid assets like real estate, artefacts from the past, antiques, business holdings in small companies, cars, etc.

Thus, blockchain reduces the number of investment barriers and increases liquidity which is one of the major advantages of asset tokenization.

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