What is a freelance copywriter or ghost writer?

Writer, freelancer or ghost writer is a person hired especially for the elaboration of a text with a defined idea, target audience, appropriate language, keywords, references and textual direction.

The more organized the company that contracts your services, the better the pitch or brief (the idea of ​​the text to be written) with all the information that must be present in the final product.

The editor receives money for the work done and can choose or not each of the jobs that are offered. The more your affinity with the proposed topics and with the language of the text, the better the quality of the final work.

Who owns the editorial rights of the text?

In the relationship between the freelance writer and the person who hires him, regardless of his field or nature, the editorial rights of the text that he writes belong to the company or client. In other words, you as an editor are selling the rights to use the text.

Thus, blog posts, e-books and other textual content eventually produced may be published under the authority of the person who hired you, without reference to you. This also prevents the text from being reproduced or copied without authorization from the company.

Where will your texts be used?

These texts are used in various places and can have various purposes. For example, if you write an e-book on personal finance and tips on how to organize your budget, that material can be distributed by a financial company to their clients, as a way to attract more visits and business to their site.

The same goes for institutional blog posts that typically seek to increase the number of visits to the company’s site and eventually transform those visitors into customers.

What are the goals of your clients?

The most convenient thing when writing a text as a freelance writer is to attend to the objectives of the project or client. Good writing is useless if, in the end, you end up criticizing your product or recommending it to the competition.

The truth is, following the pitch to the letter is the best way to prevent that from happening. Keep in mind that your article is a small action within a much larger client strategy, which has strong commitments or goals to achieve, such as:

  • generate leads;
  • educate the consumer about your product;
  • increase the number of visits to your pages;
  • convert leads into sales;
  • among others.

Why become a freelance copywriter?

There are several advantages related to working as a freelance copywriter. The first of these is convenience, since you can write your texts from home, without having to meet a fixed schedule.

Flexibility is also another relevant aspect, since you choose the texts you want to write, to the extent that you have more or less time to do so and based on your personal interests.

If you have a lot of free time during the weekend, for example, you can take several tasks at once and work on them. Thus, you guarantee that extra income at the end of the month without leaving your job.

What do you need to know to be a freelance copywriter?

Do you know that knowledge that nobody releases to those who start a profession? Well, we are not like that, that is why we have separated the most essential information you need to know to become a freelance copywriter. Really

Where can a freelancer work?

A freelance copywriter can find work in many media, it all depends on how he works in this world and that he acquires good contacts. Among the main means to work we highlight the following.


It is a very good possibility for those editors who are starting in this profession, since very varied and extensive topics are published in a newspaper. Among them, hopefully, the right one for us could be tested and depending on which areas we are most interested in writing and have more knowledge and facility to do so. Of course, it is more complicated than the rest of the options for a freelancer.


When entering as a freelance writer in a magazine, you have to know what the main topic it addresses is, to know if we can write without previously carrying out an arduous investigation about it. The ideal is to write fluently and simply for the ease of the reader.

We must be sure of what subject the magazine is specialized in. The themes that give the writer more room are those related to lifestyle, mode and sport.

online media

In recent years, more doors have been opened for freelance writers, since digitization has begun to open up online media. These require some modifications in the traditional writing of articles or content, where a good optimization of the text is now requested so that it reaches position on the web. This is achieved through the good choice and use of keywords or keywords, and images according to the content and external links.

This section of freelance writers is made up of various types of online writers, such as: bloggers, web content writers, columnists, copywriters, among others within this digital medium.