What is a blog and what is it for?

Surely you have heard the term “bloggers” or that some blog revealed important information about a political issue or another aspect of social life. But what is a blog and what is it for? In this lesson you will be able to clear those concerns.

A blog is a web page in which short articles with updated and novel content on specific or free topics are regularly published. These articles are known in English as “post” or publications in Spanish.

The articles of a blog are usually accompanied by photographs, videos, sounds and even animations and graphics that better illustrate the subject matter. Simply put, a blog is a space on the internet that you can use to express your ideas, interests, experiences, and opinions.

If you are a frequent Internet user, it is quite likely that you have already read someone else’s blog without realizing it, since much of the information we get on the network is in blogs.

Blogs began as online spaces where people could express their opinions, thoughts, photos, and even videos. Most of the blogs are written by a single person and others are co-created like internet magazines that have great credibility and a huge number of readers and followers.

Who are the bloggers?

The new generations frequently talk about blogs and many already have one. Could it be that having blogs on the internet is only for young people who know about computers?

We tend to think that “bloggers”, as people who have blogs on the Internet are called, are people with great knowledge about a subject and with a high impact on public opinion. We usually imagine them young, with some political inclination or specialized in a specific topic and with extensive knowledge of technology.

The truth is that although some of the bloggers fit that description, there is no definite stereotype. In fact, blogs are written by people of different ages, educational levels and even professions.

Why create a Blog?

Despite the fact that most bloggers consider their activity to be part of a hobby, the truth is that they spend between 3 and 5 hours a day writing articles, answering comments and so on. Why do all this?

In a survey of more than 4,000 bloggers, these were the most common answers to the question of what was the reason for blogging:

  • Share my experiences and knowledge.
  • Being able to talk about a topic that interests me.
  • To be more involved with my passions and hobbies.
  • To be part of a community.
  • To advance or start my career in writing.
  • To keep my family and friends informed of my activities.

According to figures from the “State of the Blogosphere” study, published on Technorati.com, more than 60% of bloggers consider this activity a hobby, 40% of them are women and a third are over 40 years old.

Another reason that encourages people to become bloggers is the economic factor. It is possible to earn money if you open spaces for advertising on your blog or if you sell products through it.

There are cases of blogs that have been so successful that they are contacted by many companies to advertise in that medium, which enhances the advertising and turns your website into a big business.

It is important to clarify that these types of cases are very rare. Most people who own blogs can blog their entire lives without ever becoming a recognized blogger.

What can I blog about?

There are really no forbidden or complicated topics to post on a blog. However, knowing how to choose a good topic can ensure that you have a large number of readers interested in following your posts and making it successful.

A blog can literally be about anything, photography, audio, video or simply written. People who blog write about anything you can imagine, from politics to their garden to pets. Think of any hobby or interest you have, no matter how unusual or specialized, and you will see that there will be a whole community of bloggers willing to discuss it.

Although it is impossible to list all the topics that people blog about, there are certain topics that are widely covered.