What  Do 508 Compliance Services Mean For Your Business? 

In 1998, Congress was instrumental in the amended 1973 Rehabilitation Act to add 508 sections to remove information technology impediments. It creates new opportunities that are available for people with disabilities. It also motivates and encourages technology development to attain this objective. 

508 Compliance Services ensure that digital content and technology are accessible to people with disabilities, in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. By providing accessible content, businesses can reach a wider audience and improve user experience for all customers, including those with disabilities. It also helps businesses avoid potential legal action or negative publicity related to accessibility issues. Overall, 508 Compliance Services can enhance a business’s reputation and increase its market share, while promoting social responsibility and inclusivity.

 Federal services and departments must create, maintain, obtain, and apply communication and information technology that disabled people can conveniently access. Therefore, the need for 508 Compliance Services becomes an important consideration.

What is the 508 Compliance Section?

The main intention of introducing 508 compliance is to focus on the workplace requirements of disabled employees in the realm of information and technology. The law was changed in i998 by Federal Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility and Compliance Act. It requires that all the IT and electronic products and services provided by Federal agencies be accessibility-friendly to people with disabilities. 

Section 508 compliance law was refreshed in 2018 and required to bring American standards more in line with international accessibility endeavours, like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 and Wide Web Consortium. Hence, 508 Compliance Services become a de facto in the industry.

What are 508 Compliance Standards?

The main emphasis on the 508 compliance wants to make all Federal information must be electronically available and accessible to all users, especially people with disabilities. The terms enacted in Rehabilitation Act indicates that organization and website must adhere to the following:  

  • Do changes whenever necessary to permit a disabled employee to perform a particular function.
  • Do whatever adjustments are required to permit people with disability employee to apply for a job. 
  • Make sure that all the employees should have access to equal privileges and benefits. 
  • Offer necessary and suitable software to the worker to access information.

The refresh 508 compliance needs most Federal websites to satisfy the guidelines enacted for Level AA compliance testing in association with WCAG 2.0. The standard abided by many government organizations across the length and breadth of the world. The main objective here is to develop content that meets web accessibility. Therefore, Digital Accessibility Services at this junction are very much in need. 

However, creating content that requires to meet four key conditions in the nitty-gritty of web accessibility: Hiring  Section 508 Compliance Services help you understand it

  • Perceivable: It indicates that all the interfaces, content, and information on a website must be shown so the audience can easily perceive people with disabilities like cognitive impairment, visually challenged users and hard of hearing users, etc. At this stage, Availing of Digital Accessibility Services helps you a lot.
  • Operable: A website’s interfaces and navigation must be easily navigated, especially for people with disabilities who depend on assistive technology or are based on a keyboard only.
  • Understandable:  All the content, information, and design within the purview of the website can be easily understandable and readable by people with disabilityTaking assistance from Section 508 Compliance Services thus comes in handy
  • Robust:  All the content on the website should be accessible to all audiences by current standards and used in such a way that it is aligned with the future accessibility standard, like enhanced assisted technology. 

The refresh 508 section also emphasizes the product function, not just the product itself. Rules that once supported, say, for example, computers and telephone treated separately, now it covers all products having similar functions. 

One more interesting update of the 508 section refresh is it clarifies Federal used technology can interact with assertive tools like screen readers etc., and any specific requirements. 

What is the Technology To Be Compliant?

To be compliant with accessibility standards such as Section 508, businesses need to incorporate certain technologies to ensure digital content is accessible to people with disabilities. These technologies may include screen reader software, closed captioning for videos, keyboard-only navigation, alt text for images, and text-to-speech tools. Other tools may include adaptive input devices, such as voice recognition software or specialized keyboards, and assistive technologies like magnifiers or braille displays. By incorporating these technologies, businesses can ensure their digital content is accessible and compliant with accessibility standards.

All information and communication technology compliant with the 503 sections in principle is given below.

  • Communication Devices like a smartphone 
  • Websites include remote access sites and intranet sites
  • Computing Devices like tablets and laptops
  • Storage device for information like DVD, CD, etc
  • Media Devices such as video players and TV
  • Recorded Presentation like online training and webinars
  • Operating system and software 
  • Devices that mimic physical documents, such as copiers and printers
  • Digital Documents such as PDFs or user guide 

What is the Risk Of Not Compliance of 508 Section?  

If it fails to adhere to the 508 section, the immediate consequence is you can outright lose the Federal contract; it may have greater consequences far behind your losing business. Furthermore, there is a chance of tarnishing your reputation, and you are in the grip of an extensive lawsuit. 

Your customers initiate the lawsuit because of not accessing or comprehending your digital content. It is always a better option to hire 508 Compliance Services to implement this,

Ultimately, failing to adhere to accessibility standard enacted in section 508, you are not in a position to serve the entire gamut of the market. It will be a great jolt for your business if your business makes up a considerable portion of people with disabilities as your customers. 

The way disabilities are increasing is a cause of concern. For example, 26% of American living with some sort of disability will surely hit their bottom line. Therefore, Digital Accessibility Services are vital under these circumstances to help you overcome this problem.


The importance of accessibility cannot be wished away under any circumstance. The accessibility of digital assets is a great leeway for users, especially for the people with disabilities. They can use digital assets like normal users. Therefore, businesses must hire 508 Compliance Services to avoid falling into a legal trap.