What Are The Different Types Of Technology?

Our lives, as we know them today, are hugely dominated by technology. From waking up with the help of alarm clocks on our smartphones to watching films on OTT platforms before going to bed, we frequently come in contact with technology. Even now, you might be reading this article on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. But, have you ever taken a step back and thought about the different types of technology we use?

Well, you might not have realized this, but there are approximately 30 different types of technology that we use today. To help you understand these and understand their scope, we have created the following guide. Jump right into it and learn more about the different types of technology that you can find today. So, let’s get started!

Top 25 Types Of Technology Around Us

The following section breaks down the top 25 different types of technology that are used in today’s world. These are as follows:-

  1. Entertainment Technology

This field utilizes technological knowledge and different manufactured parts to create entertainment opportunities including video games and television shows. The scope of entertainment technology affects every human involved in cinema, music, literature, and related industries offering them an opportunity to unwind after a hectic day.

  1. Operational Technology

This field of technology is related to the science of measurement and diagnostics of systems within a company. In simple terms, it is related to the study of how different systems interact with each other.

  1. Assistive Technology

One of the most popular and commonly used types of technology in healthcare, assistive technology is used to build mechanical devices that help improve the way a human acts. A common example is an artificial limb or automatic wheelchair that aids a person’s movement.

  1. Agriculture Technology

A highly diversified technology, agriculture technology revolves around the use of modern tools and machinery to improve food production or livestock. It deals with the complete process of manufacturing, handling, storage, and distribution of agricultural products like crops, vegetables, and dairy.

  1. Superintelligence

The ability to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better different aspects of human life including better decision-making is called superintelligence. It refers to the creation of a new system that successfully implements both human capabilities and artificial intelligence.

  1. Robotics Technology

An interdisciplinary field of mathematics and technology to develop software, systems, technology, and machines that are capable of building intelligent robots is called robotics technology. The four different types of technology included in robotics are:-

  • Articulated robots
  • Cartesian robots
  • Delta robots
  • SCARA robots
  1. Artificial Intelligence

Another commonly-used type of technology, artificial intelligence revolves around the study and design of artificially intelligent systems. The focus is to better artificial intelligence and utilize machine learning to change the way different industries operate.

  1. Space Technology

One of the most expanding types of technology, space technology revolves around building better systems and machines that aid space exploration and space station construction. This can not only save several human lives but can also help nations progress in leaps and bounds.

  1. Information Technology

Information Technology, commonly referred to as IT, refers to the use of computers in the collection, retrieval, storage, organization, and transmission of data. Nowadays, the IT industry includes multiple disciplines such as – computer software, network and storage systems, and engineering services.

  1. Business Technology

Business technology is nothing but the application of science and technology to business activities. Some popular fields under business technology include – data management, digital marketing, information technology, healthcare, and more. The most common and basic types of business technology present around us include:-

  • Computers
  • Software solutions
  • Inventory control system
  • Networking
  • Telephone communication
  • Accounting systems
  1. Educational Technology

Also referred to as EdTech, educational technology is nothing but a systematic approach to all resources and education systems available. It is also used to refer to the demands of students and people adjusting to a teaching system that implements software systems and technological solutions. The main focus of EdTech is to better the learning process and ensure that learning is accessible to all.

  1. Architecture Technology

One of the most exciting and newest types of technology, architecture technology is a subset and interesting venue of architectural engineering. It refers to the different systems and software solutions available that help architects design better buildings and develop new-age projects.

  1. Medical Technology

After the global COVID pandemic, medical technology has made lots of strides and significantly improved the way the healthcare industry functions. This field of technology revolves around the way healthcare professionals function and helps create more efficient ways of performing certain medical actions. The ultimate goal is to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and ensure that expert healthcare is accessible to all. Some examples of ground-breaking medical technology include:-

  • VR diagnosis
  • Robots for surgeries
  • Real-time food scanners for nutrition tracking
  • Electronic health records
  • Telemedicine and teleconsultations
  1. Product And Food Technology

The main responsibility of food product technology experts is the designing of new business manufacturing processes for proper automation. The goal is to boost the efficiency of the complete manufacturing process, reduce errors, and cut down on overall costs.

  1. Construction Technology

Construction technology is a broad term that is used to represent the different types of technology that are related to construction with the use of advanced technology. You can think of it as a combination of computer software, human knowledge of how these technologies work, and some manual effort. Some common examples of construction technology include – geotechnical drilling, geothermal energy, and soil testing.

  1. Communication Technology

One of the most popular types of technology used around us, communication technology refers to the broad field of research and technological processes that are related to computer systems and networks in place for information exchange, data management, and training.

  1. Aerospace Technology

As we know, aerospace engineering refers to the complete process of designing planes, capsules, and other vehicles that are capable of taking people and materials into space. So, what does aerospace technology refer to? It refers to the usage of innovation and technology in the development of practical applications of space technology. For example, carbon composites for airframes and fuel cells for space shuttles are efficient and can better help existing aircraft and spacecraft vehicles.

  1. Blockchain Technology

A new-age type of technology, blockchain technology refers to the encryption of information while ensuring that it is secure. The different types of technology included under this term are:-

  • Public blockchains like Ethereum
  • Private blockchains like R3 Corda
  • Hybrid blockchains like Dragonchain
  1. Hospitality Technology

Hospitality technology refers to the use of software and machines for better client interaction in the hospitality industry. One of the most prime examples is – web-based booking engines that facilitate customers to make better bookings with hotels, travel agents, and tour companies.

  1. Biotechnology

Another popular type of technology, biotechnology is focused on the implementation of biomolecular processes for the better development of technologies and products that help improve the quality of our lives and the planet’s environmental health.

  1. Forensic Science Technology

A growing field of study, forensic science technology is widely used in criminal justice. Some notable examples widely used in the investigation of cases include DNA profiling and fingerprint analysis.

  1. Vehicle Technology

Vehicle technology is an umbrella term used to refer to the different types of technology aimed at improving the internal combustion engines of all vehicles. It is also focused on improving efficiency while reducing the impact on the environment.

  1. Environmental Technology

One of the most popular types of technology in today’s industry, environmental technology refers to the use of science and knowledge to help improve our environment and ecosystem.

  1. 3D Printing Technology

The process of “printing” objects in 3D form is called 3D printing technology and is generally used to create objects that cannot be manually built.

  1. Sports Technology

The study and usage of modern technology for accurate data reporting in sports is known as sports technology. It is also utilized by coaches to train players and analyze the competitors’ skills and potential.


As you can see, several different types of technology are well-known and commonly used in today’s industry. Most professional companies utilize these to build products that help make people’s lives easier.

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