The Importance of User Experience Design for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are the best way to expand your business online. And a huge number of businesses are using an Ecommerce platform to engage more with their customers and interact with them. And that is why everything on the website should be perfect. Because the customer wants a good experience of the website.  And a good website is one that feels comfortable to use. Easy-to-understand, and easy-to-interact. And there are many factors that make a good website. 

An Ecommerce website is the online presence of an online business or a brand. If it does not look professional, then the user will think that you are not a good business to trust. And a good website design sends a positive impact to the user. And make it feel like that the business is good to trust. It is the first impression of the new coming audience. And if the color, images, content or anything that is important in the design is not up to the mark then your online business will look like an un-professional one. And the customer will not find it easy to interact with the website. 

Some Must Have Features in a design of an Ecommerce Website

Why do you show interest in a website that does not look interesting to you? You will surely not.  And that is why the whole website is dependent on the design of the Ecommerce website. And you can contact a web Design agency to get a good Ecommerce website for your brand.

Easy-to-Use Navigation

Navigation is one of the main features that the viewer uses the most. And that is why easy navigation is very important for a good website design. The user should have easily accessed the main features of the website and he should see where he is and what to do. A good navigation shows all the important features and helps the customer to go to their required page. 

If he can’t find the option or feel lost on the website. Then he will leave the website. 

Search Feature

The search feature is another very crucial feature in an Ecommerce website. A search option helps the user to find what he is looking for. The user can easily find products easily with the help of the search feature. And he does not have to go through different pages to go to the page they want. 

Product Filter Feature

The product filter feature helps the user to find the right product on an Ecommerce website. Suppose you go to a website which offers clothes. And you need the clothes for the kid. Then you can easily filter the product and land on the kid’s page. It helps the customer to find his dream product according to his range and requirements. The user can easily know whether the product is available or not. 

Several options for payment

Your Ecommerce website should have many payment options because of the variations in the card and bank accounts. The users have different cards, or bank accounts and if they want to pay online. Then they will find their card or bank option in the payment section.

Importance of user Experience design

Image of the brand

Ecommerce website is a presentation of a business online. And you have to place images on the landing page of your website because customers who are visiting for the first time will first see those images. So, it will be a great first impression on the customers. Your Ecommerce website should be a representation of your brand. And you should place the images of the brand on various pages. So, the user will remember your brand. And your images are the ones that show the professionalism or the quality of the services you offer. So, try to add high-quality pictures on your Ecommerce website.

The use of colors

The colors you add to your website play the most important role in a good user-experience website design. If the colors of the website are too sharp or too dark, then the customer will never feel comfortable using your website. And if the colors of the website are not according to the business. Then it will show less understanding of the brand. The colors should be according to the brand. Like if the color of your brand is red then you should use colors that are contrasting with red. And you have to create your website around your brand color. 

Layout of the Website

The layout is the backbone of the Ecommerce website. If the website looks messy or you add too much content on a single page, then the customer will be confused about how to use the website. Your website layout should be simple, Easy-to-read, Easy-to-understand. And the main features of your Ecommerce website should be clearly visible. Because nobody wants to do hard work finding a simple thing or product. 

The layout should be appealing, and the features should be placed correctly. And the pages of your Ecommerce website should look like according to the theme of the business. You can hire an ecommerce web development services provider and he will help you with the layout of your Ecommerce website.


Fonts are another crucial thing in an Ecommerce website. There are 3 categories of texts. And you have to find the perfect type and the perfect font for the website. Because the font shows the quality of the web page. And if the fonts are not correct then the website will look like a decoration piece. So, this is why you should choose the perfect font that suits your website.


The user visits those websites which look great and appealing. Users want websites that are easy-to-use and easy to understand. And they want clean and simple websites to use. And there are some features that you should add to your Ecommerce website like filter option, Search bar, Payment options. Your website should look like the brand like the color, layout and the text of the website should look according to the website and if you miss any one of these then your website will not look like a professional website. And the audience will never stay on the website.