What Are Different Food Catering Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is the time for gatherings and celebrations. It’s a perfect holiday time to spend with family, friends, and colleagues and enjoy good food. At the same, it can be one of the busiest times. From buying Christmas gifts and beautifully wrapping them to decorating the house, you have so many things to do during your holidays. 

Also, Christmas is incomplete without delicious food parties. But you barely have time to cook food for your loved ones. For example, if you are organizing a Christmas party in Melbourne to please each guest with yummy delicacies. You can rely on services from Christmas catering in Melbourne for your holiday gatherings. A catered Christmas meal, desserts, and drinks will send your guests home with beautiful smiles.

Below, we will talk about the top food catering ideas for your perfect Christmas festive.

Top Food Catering Ideas For Christmas

Here are top catering ideas no matter how small or large your Christmas gathering is.

Traditional turkey food

Whether you are organizing a get-together or celebrating Christmas in the office there is nothing more classic than traditional turkey recipes.

Traditional turkey catering options include turkey stuffing, roast turkey, mashed potatoes, onion, and celery stuffing. Also, you can top it with gravy, green beans, corn, and cranberry sauce. It also includes pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie.

The food caterer will provide you with everything so you can spend your whole time having fun and talking with your guests without worrying about the preparations of meals.

Drooling finger food

Are you running out of time and want last-minute food catering ideas for Christmas? Then you can treat your guests with mouthwatering finger foods. No matter what the age group is, everyone loves it and wants more to eat. The main reason is that finger foods are as easy to eat as to prepare because you don’t need a knife and fork to have such appetizers. 

Catering services include several options: cheese balls, sausage rolls, fried mac, pepperoni pizza rolls, sandwich rolls, cranberry brie bites, shrimp cocktails, and much more. So, you can satisfy every taste bud at your party because there are several food items to try and enjoy.

Cookies for every guest

Are you seeking something less than the traditional turkey food catering option? The classic cookie food ideas can perfectly fit your Christmas gatherings. Cookies are a classic choice for any festive celebration because everyone loves sweet Christmas treats.

From chocolate gingerbread man, lemon myrtle shortbread star, white chocolate & macadamia biscotti, cherry, almond orange florentine to a coconut macaroon and beyond, guests who love cookies will be glad to have them on their plates.

Besides, catering cookies to your guests is one of the top Christmas food ideas if you want to tantalize every taste bud at your Christmas party.

Christmas cocktails

Christmas time is perfect for hot drinks and staying warm in cold weather. Do you want a gathering where everyone is evolved equally and interacts with each other? Then your cocktail party is a perfect catering option for your Christmas gathering. Because during cocktail parties, everyone holds their drink and has enough time to move around and talk to each other.

From non-alcoholic drinks to alcoholic drinks, you can add several drink options to serve your guest. In such cocktail parties, your caterer will provide you with hot chocolate, eggnog, apple cider, buttered rum, mulled wine, a gingerbread martini, and more varieties to add to your festive party.

Besides, it’s better to pair up the cocktail catering option with the finger food or cookies catering food idea for a perfect Christmas evening.

Soup with salads and sandwiches

It’s better to serve your guests warm soup at a cold Christmas party. A soup catering option provides a wide range of hearty and warm soups. Also, salad and sandwiches can be served along with the soup to satisfy the hunger and keep your guests warm.

For salads, you have many options like green mango and herb salads, baby potato salads, baby cos, watercress salad, green falafel, salad pita, and tropical food salads. Also, for sandwiches, you can have chicken and crushed egg ribbon sandwiches to little fried chicken sandwiches.

Meatballs with cranberry sauce

Meatballs are eaten all over the year with marinara sauce and spaghetti. But when served with cranberry sauce, it automatically becomes a Christmas delicacy.

From cranberry sauce meatballs and sweet, sour meatballs to barbecue-style meatballs, there are several meatball options to choose from for your Christmas catering menu.

Vegetarian meals

Most of the Christmas parties move around turkey and ham. But there are a lot of people who are vegetarians. So, you can not leave them out. In such cases, you choose an entirely vegetarian meal for your event catering. 

You can replace your meat with stunning food items such as roasted cauliflower, potatoes, leek, mushrooms, and pasta dishes. Besides, you can better discuss it with your caterer to serve your guests the best vegetarian meal.

Christmas Pies

Without pies, a Christmas meal is incomplete. From classic pumpkin and apple pie to chocolate and peppermint pies, there are several options that you can serve your guests. Besides, you have more options like tiny turkey cranberry pie to pumpkin and basil pie. Add your favorite flavors to your Christmas catering event.


From decorating Christmas trees to organizing Christmas parties, the holiday season can be stressful for some people. So, the best you can do is hire the caterers to fulfill every need for your celebration. No matter what your Christmas food preferences are, there are several food ideas to satisfy every taste bud at your party.

Whether you want a traditional turkey meal or an entirely vegetarian meal, you can choose any option. Also, you can combine cocktail catering with finger food or cookie catering food option to elevate your Christmas party celebration. Besides, every festival is incomplete without desserts. So, make sure to add sweet pies to your coming festive catering.

However, the best food catering ideas are those that are both pocket-friendly and tasteful. So, it’s beneficial to hire a caterer for your Christmas. Because catering services are affordable and you get plenty of food options to choose from.