We Can Make Custom Logo Mats to Match Your Designs

Customize the logo mat to fit your company and add your logo. We have what your company needs, whether you want an outdoor mat in full color or one that will last through any kind of weather. These high-quality products are also available in beautiful styles with amazing features.

We can make a custom mat out of your artwork. You can also send us a picture and we’ll make it for you. Give us a call with any questions.

A few words about art proofs. All custom orders have proofs. Be aware that each monitor is unique. Proof images may vary.

Corporate Logo Entrance Mats Are an Essential Addition to Any Workplace

Entrance mats are required to keep the business entrance clean, secure, and professional.

Your facility’s entrance mats can be personalized with your business logo. This is a good way to show your customers that you care about them custom printed floor mats offer two key benefits: They protect your facility and increase marketing and advertising efforts.

Although the process of creating a custom logo matrix is straightforward, it does require consideration of fundamental principles of design.

A little bit of planning will help you create beautiful logo mats that are crisp, clear, and efficient in reaching facility visitors.

Suggestions about Layout of the Logo Mat

1. Keep It Simple: The more complicated the design, generally speaking, the less effective the logo mat will be. Simplicity is crucial for two reasons. Simple designs are more readable and clearer. It is crucial to realize that the design will be printed on a Floormat. Visitors will be moving across the mat, and they may only have a few moments to notice the emblem, slogan, or design. In order to make a mat that will communicate your organization’s message effectively, you need a simple logo and image.

2. Decide the Right Orientation: You must first consider how the mat will be used within your facility in order to determine the orientation. If the mat will be placed in front of an entranceway in the vertical direction, you should choose the landscape orientation. If the mat is going to be placed inside of an entranceway in a horizontal manner, then you might choose a portrait direction. This will ensure that the logo is clearly visible and will not be obscured.

3. Look to the Present Ads for Logo Motivation: A custom logo mat’s design and style do not have to limit itself to a particular slogan or an older company logo. You can get inspiration from company websites, business cards, and other marketing materials for your new logo mats.

4. Select Different Colors: In most cases, all colors have to match the existing color scheme of an organization. Coordinating logo mats by using the current logo, personnel uniforms, etc. creates a uniformity that allows people to more easily identify your company from the mat. It is also important to select colors that allow your logo to “pop” off the top of the mat. If your logo/visual design contains dark colors, it is worth considering a lighter background. For logos and designs that include a lighter color, a dark background should be chosen.