Want to know how to increase the battery life of your electric scooter

Gear 1, set to be active up to 5 miles per hour, becomes active up to 10 miles per hour.
Speed 2, preset to be active up to 15 km/h, maintain it up to 25 km/h.
Speed 3, preset at 20 km/h, remains at 30 km/h.
To do this, in the menu of the screen Electric Scooter Repair that appears after pressing the button, in option 1 we put 3, we press the middle button, and in option 2 we put 1, in the option 3 we put 60, in option 4 we put 1, in option 5 we put 2, and option 6 is left as it is.

Can you increase the power of an electric scooter?
Many of those who consider resetting their electric scooter do so with the aim of modifying the technical parameters which, in accordance with the engine part and the cycle part, could make it possible to obtain better performance from it.
Many companies offer their electric scooters for sale with much more power than is recommended or legally allowed, and like mopeds, these are limited from the factory. Depending on the brand and model, the way to increase the power of the electric scooter will be different, but it is something that can be done. You can see in this article
In some cases, it will simply be necessary to modify the software of the electric scooter, using firmware modified by the users of the community itself. In other cases, it will be necessary to open the patient to make some modifications to the welds of the components, or to add fuses so that the system allows a more powerful driving.
In any case, you can follow many video tutorials already available on the network, but be aware that any manipulation of the electric scooter will immediately invalidate the brand guarantee on it, besides being something that can have fatal consequences.
What you should never consider is resetting your electric scooter in hopes of getting more from a motor that the manufacturer is already making the most of in terms of power and speed. This is a fundamental error that directly leads to the deterioration of the engine, which we will subject to a workload for which it is not prepared. Pay close attention to this!

Is it advisable to reset an electric scooter?
In general, electric scooters are very reliable vehicles that experience almost no incidents due to their simple use. There is no mystery, and the chances of anything happening are slim. If something happens, the warranty should cover any defects in case we are on schedule. That’s why most people who consider resetting an electric scooter don’t do it because of real mechanical issues , but out of an express desire for modification.
In any case, we think you should be a little careful when doing maintenance on electric scooters , especially the battery, so that it doesn’t reach the end of its useful life for some time. In this case, especially in the event of a prolonged shutdown, resetting the electric scooter could become a necessity for its start-up or its return to life.
To avoid it, following a few simple guidelines we will manage to extend the duration of the battery of the electric scooter as much as possible, and it is that we are in front of one of the main elements of these devices, reason why its maintenance is particularly important.

Want to know how to increase the battery life of your electric scooter?
• Follow these rules:
• Prevent the battery from fully discharging.
• Don’t charge it halfway, wait for 100% full charge.
If the scooter is going to be stationary for a long time, remove the fuse from the battery and try to fully charge it at least every two or three months.
Also, an important factor in the battery life of electric scooters is the riding mode. Avoid riding at full power for Motion Scooter a long time, as this will quickly consume the battery. Try as much as possible to ride smoothly, without too many jolts.