Vacation 101: What to look for in a serviced apartment!

When it comes to travelling, one of the main components is accommodation. This can definitely make or break your vacation since this is where you sleep, rest, leave your belongings, bathe, eat and so much more. So imagine staying in terrible accommodation for days!

Whether it’s a lack of amenities for the price you’re paying, bad ambience, small rooms, foul-smelling beds or towels and so on can significantly impact your stay since the place where you should feel comfortable, isn’t.

But to make the most out of your money, we recommend you stay in serviced apartments. These are apartments that are furnished and equipped with everything you might need during your stay. Plus it offers you amenities and various perks as if you were staying in a hotel.

To help you out here is all you need to know about serviced apartments so that you can differentiate between good ones and terrible ones.

1 – An accommodation with a good website!

Start off with the basics! To know if accommodation is good, it always shows on their website. So consider one that has a great website that’s easy to use, has their contact information, has a list of their perks and amenities, prices, pictures of their apartments, lobby area and so much more!

Basically, if their website can provide you with everything you need and want to know about the place is a green flag! A great example would be PS Rotterdam’s website! It has everything you need to know about them, what they have to offer, how to contact them and even who their managers are.

And as a bonus, they even have a list of blogs for you to check out. The blogs consist of current events in the area, free places to visit and things to do, the best places to visit in Rotterdam, top museums and more! So if their website is great, it’s an indication that the place will be great as well. 

2 – A considerate one!

Travelling to a new country or city isn’t easy so a compassionate and considerate accommodation is a must! And today, due to advanced technology most accommodations are easier to reach and talk to, unlike before.

But not all are considerate of your needs and requests, even with technology present. So when looking for accommodation for your vacation, consider one that’s considerate to their guests by providing 24-hour reception, doesn’t require a downpayment when booking, offers great deals, has a flexible cancellation option and even provides you with a welcoming gift when you arrive!

3 – One that’s conveniently located!

Of course, you’d want to get accommodation that’s near town! Because it’s easier to commute from or is within walking distance of stations, shopping centres, supermarkets, tourist spots, national monuments and so much more!

Plus since you’re new to the area, it’s best to get a place that’s in or near town. This will lessen the chances of getting lost, being late for a scheduled appointment and more. Plus since it’s near other places, you won’t have to spend much on commuting.

4 – A place that’s pet-friendly!

If you’re someone who loves travelling with your pet, then greatly consider one that’s pet-friendly! Today it gets harder and harder to find a place that allows pets due to the construction of rooms they currently make today, which are small and narrow to make them space-efficient.

But one thing you can guarantee when staying in a service apartment is space! So if you’re travelling with your pet, consider getting a pet-friendly serviced apartment for your stay. And since they’re “serviced” you can guarantee your room is squeaky clean every time.

5 – One that offers great ambience

To make your stay as wonderful as can be, consider a place that’s beautiful from the bed, floor, furniture, smell, and bathroom to the kitchen, living room and even the ceilings. Remember, you’re on vacation so staying in a great-looking accommodation amps up relaxation!

So when looking for serviced apartments to stay in, consider another that has a good view from your apartment, one that has great interior design, is well-kept, and is well-lit and decorated. An example of a good quality room is what PS Rotterdam’s apartments look like!

Each apartment has a theme that’s almost always chic, and simple but at the same time classy and modern. So you can bet to take great photos in their apartments and also relax and have fun with loved ones even when staying in.

6 – Amenities, amenities, AMENITIES!

Last but not least is AMENITIES! A serviced apartment with excellent amenities is always a good choice if you want to get the most for your money. To give you an idea of quality amenities, listed are amenities to consider, this one is from PS Rotterdam:

  • Free parking for stay-in guests!
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • A functional and well-equipped gym.
  • Weekly housekeeping.
  • Laundry & dry cleaning.
  • Grocery and restaurant delivery.
  • A Grab-and-Go shop.
  • Free tea/coffee at the lobby for in-house guests.
  • Pet-friendly.
  • Family-friendly.
  • A safe and functioning elevator.

What are the benefits of a serviced apartment?

So if you can’t decide between a hotel and a serviced apartment, then we’re here to help you decide. For you to fully know the perks of staying in a serviced apartment, below is a list!

  • You can also count on serviced apartments to be spacious!
  • Serviced apartments provide you with hotel-level amenities, or even better.
  • Apartments will always look top-tier and well-decorated. 
  • Allows you to save money on food since apartment kitchens are always fully-equipped.
  • Is cost-efficient, especially when travelling with family.
  • Serviced apartments are 40% cheaper than most hotels.
  • Offer flexibility when it comes to booking, checking in/out and cancelling.
  • Offers to housekeep.

And so much more! But depending on the serviced apartments you’re staying in, perks may vary. But listed are common perks you’ll be able to find in great serviced apartments. So if you’re still in a debate whether or not to stay in a hotel or serviced apartment, let this article help you decide!

Take away

Now you know what to look for in a serviced apartment, you can now tell a good one from a bad one! So when looking for a serviced apartment before your big trip, you can always use this article as a guide to get you the best stay for your trip.