The newest item in one of the most well-liked brands of pod vapes is the UWELL Caliburn X. Since the Caliburn in 2019, UWELL has broken the line into smaller sub-lines with their unique qualities. The G line provides more sophisticated alternatives, the KOKO line has an entirely different form, and the A-line is geared toward newer vapers.

A new line is introduced with the Caliburn X. We’ve never seen an OLED screen or total wattage adjustable in a Caliburn before. Still, the X is a somewhat bigger device with both characteristics. Additionally, it accepts more giant pods and has a larger battery (850 mAh) than prior Caliburn devices (3 mL). The coils have stayed the same since the X is still compatible with the three Caliburn G coil types currently offered.


With dimensions of 107.4 mm, 27.5 mm, and 15.6 mm, the X is defying expectations set by Uwell Caliburn X. Although it is considerably thicker than the line’s earlier offerings, the vape is still tiny and light. And even though the thicker mouthpiece fits the design, People like the A2s or even the original Caliburn’s mouthpiece more.

The device’s front-facing black-and-white screen further distinguishes the X from the rest of the range. An easy-to-read typeface displays charge, watts, volts, resistance, and puffs. The most significant change from prior Caliburn designs is the screen, and something tells me that all Caliburn X devices in the future will have screens. Our customers anticipate the X2 to have a color screen.

The X feels exceptionally well-built all over. Most of it has a smooth matte appearance, but a reflecting glossy panel surrounds the button, screen, and corresponding pods. Apart from the slightly sloppy airflow adjustment slider, which may have been adjusted accidentally once or twice, there is nothing to criticize about this.


The 850 mAh battery of the Caliburn X is rechargeable through Type-C. It’s notably more significant than the G2’s (750 mAh) battery, it would be closer to 1000 mAh, but it’s still a sizable battery for a pod system. Customers used up more than 6 mL of liquid when using the 1.2-ohm coil at 12 watts before recharging. Even if the last few milliliters of vape were too weak, the battery still had enough life.

A full charge took 52 minutes, which is relatively quick considering the battery’s capacity. The charge bars on the screen may not be exact, but the smartphone charges more quickly for the first 80% of the energy before slowing down. Whatever the situation, anything less than an hour will do. The Uwell Caliburn X also has passthrough charging, allowing you can continue vaping even while it is plugged in.


  • Excellent construction
  • Tiny and portable
  • Clean and bright screen
  • Complete wattage adjustment
  • Flexible airflow (without having to remove the pod)
  • Upper filling
  • Enough pod capacity (3 ml)
  • Coils that operate well
  • Can perform some RDL with the airflow completely open.
  • An enduring battery
  • Charges in under an hour.


  • Would have liked a smaller mouthpiece
  • It has a loose airflow adjustment slider.
  • 0.8-ohm coil connection problems
  • When switching coils, wattage is not automatically set.
  • Beginners may find the usage challenging.