Recently, indoor trampoline parks have emerged as a popular destination for
families looking for athletic entertainment. In the last ten years, this sector
of the tourism business has grown at an astounding rate.
As for urban air Trampoline Park, they’re working hard to keep things, well,
bouncing around. The firm is growing, and with that growth comes the discovery
of new methods to thrill consumers and inject energy into the enterprise.


CEO of Urban Air Michael Browning says the term “trampoline” is no
longer accurate. Discount available on urban
air coupons
When we first began, trampolines made up around 80% of our business; now, that
number has dropped to 20% at most. We saw soon that it had the potential to be
a passing trend. Like having just one company in your stock portfolio, having
only one attraction was a huge disadvantage. A lack of diversification makes
you vulnerable to fluctuations in the market.
We didn’t think the urban air Trampoline Park gave our customers what they were
hoping for in terms of an all-around good time.


Urban Air is the industry leader when it comes to the operation of amusement
parks. Since its inception in 2011, it has amassed a total of 60 operational
facilities, 84 that are now under development, and 56 that are currently in


In order to maintain its competitive edge, Urban Air has erected obstacle
courses, called the Urban Warrior Course, inspired by popular TV series like
American Ninja Warrior. The company’s decision to add rock climbing walls,
indoor soft-play structures, ropes courses, and more was inspired by the course’s
overwhelming success.
For Browning, the upgrades were a step in the right direction. We’re reaching
out to a wider audience now,” he said. “The attractions are more
suitable for business groups, singles evenings, dating nights, and church
trips, so we get a lot more of them,” one employee said.


Depending on their size, Urban Air gives its parks either a “1.5”
or “2.0” rating. The International Association of Amusement Parks
urban air Trampoline Park and Attractions is holding its annual trade expo in
Orlando, and with it comes the unveiling of brand new “3.0”
amenities, such as indoor go-kart courses and indoor skydiving. Browning
believes that the typical facility is between 40,000 and 50,000 square feet,
with a range from 21,000.


Empty Toys “R” Us and Sears storefronts are examples of locations
that could be considered for a new urban air Trampoline Park. Browning alluded
to the large empty venues that already existed as “speed to market”


“We’ll be the only firm other than fly with indoor skydiving,” he
said. Our company’s philosophy is to provide consumers a high-quality, engaging
kind of entertainment. Our success is not contingent on any one feature drawing
You don’t leave until you’re exhausted, Browning joked, since there’s so much
to do.


On average, roughly 180,000 people visit one of urban air Trampoline Park
locations per year, and the firm anticipates serving 23 million people in 2018.
Spectators, including parents and grandparents, are not included in the
attendance totals since some of them may want to play along with their children
while others may choose to watch.


Buying a standard ticket for a youngster often results in a significant
savings for the parent. Browning said, “We’re moving from a zero-dollar
transaction to $5.99.” As the company puts it, “We think when a
parent and kid connect on our attractions, it generates lasting memories and
promotes brand equity and consumer loyalty, and they return more often.”


Having worked at Six Flags for almost 30 years, Urban Air hired Jay Thomas
in June. Thomas is responsible for all aspects of commercial strategy and the
growth and improvement of Urban Air’s infrastructure in his capacity as CCO.


Thomas told Amusement Today, “The pure expansion of urban air
Trampoline Park and what Urban Air symbolizes is fantastic.” We pioneered
the concept of the indoor amusement park. That framework was designed by us.
It’s completely up my alley to have a hand in the company as a whole.


Browning stated, “We were pleased to have Jay join the squad,”
expressing their joy at his participation. Due to the fact that he is in charge
of developing novel attractions and content that outperform the competition and
improve gross revenue across all consumer touchpoints, Urban Air derives a
significant amount of advantage from his extensive expertise in the sector.


“We have ambitious ambitions,” Thomas remarked, “we aim to
build 300 parks by 2020 and 600 by 2022).”A significant portion of our
expansion is attributable to franchisees building second, third, and even
fourth sites.”

Urban Air, ever on the lookout for ways to improve upon its already
cutting-edge formula, examines each of its locations to determine which
additional attractions would be most fitting for the area. There are a variety
of attractions that may be placed in each market, such as indoor go-karts,
miniature golf, bumper cars, bowling, laser tag, and virtual reality.


Attractions based on future technologies that are now undergoing beta
testing can be found at Urban Air, and it is anticipated that they will open
sometime during the summer of 2019.

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Spring’s Urban Air Trampoline & Adventure Park is remarkable. My
7-year-birthday old’s was here, and I was blown away by all the enthusiasm.
Wall-to-wall trampolines and a trampoline “runway” were present, like
other trampoline parks with identical restrictions. Urban Air isn’t just a
trampoline park.


“TUBES” is a multi-level obstacle course playground for kids aged
9 and younger featuring tunnels for sliding, climbing, spinning, and more. When
my 3-year-old wasn’t on the trampoline, she played on the tubes, which kept her


Young children who have not yet reached the age of seven are permitted to
use the trampoline jump zone, but they are not required to do so. If they follow
the rules, people of all ages, including toddlers, are allowed to jump in
general jump areas.