Not Working [Troubleshooting Guide]

TP-Link repeaters have gained quite popularity due to their jaw-dropping characteristics. However, there are a number of users who are unable to make the most of their devices even after getting the TP Link extender setup done properly due to the not working issue. What is this issue and why does it occur, this article will show light on the same. So, continue reading.

What is Not Working Issue?

Before learning the reasons forcing you to face issues with, let us tell you what it is. FYI, like every networking device, your TP-Link wireless repeater also needs to be managed. For this, one can use the URL. Just enter the URL into the address field of the browser, input the admin info, and you’re good to go. But, failure to access this web address can result in a lot of mess and hence known as not working issue. Now, walk through the next section and learn why the issue occurred.

Why is Not Working?

The default web URL or the domain name of your TP-Link WiFi extender might fail to work for you if:

  1. You are using an outdated version of the web browser to access the URL.
  1. The web address entree has been made into the search box of the internet browser.
  1. The web browser you are using to visit is packed with a cache.
  1. Technical glitches are other potential causes behind the issue you’re facing.
  1. You have put an infected PC or laptop to access the default domain name of the repeater.
  1. Your WiFi devices are not sharing a strong Ethernet cable connection.
  1. There is too much distance between your TP-Link repeater and router.
  1. The placement of your TP-Link device is inaccurate.

So, these were the topmost reasons that prevent you from accessing the TP-Link WiFi repeater default URL. Considering that you’re now aware of them, take a moment and read the troubleshooting techniques discussed in the next section.

Fixed: Not Working

  1. Ensure that the internet browser you are using is utilizing the latest software version.
  1. Do not use the search box for accessing the domain name. Always go with the address bar.
  1. Make your way to the browser’s settings and delete its cache, cookies, and search history.
  1. Restart your repeater by powering it down for a few seconds and turning it on.
  1. Have a check on the files and applications on your PC. They must be virus-free anyhow.
  1. Verify that a working Ethernet wire is holding a finger-tight repeater-router connection.
  1. Make sure that your TP-Link device and router are visible to each other.
  1. Change the location of your TP-Link repeater to a signal interference-free zone.

To Summarize the Above

This post highlighted each and everything related to the default web URL of the TP-Link wireless repeater. Not only this, but you also learned TP Link troubleshooting tactics to fix the not working issue. We are now expecting that now accessing the TP-Link URL and reaching the dashboard of the repeater will be a cakewalk for you. Thanks for reading the post!