Top 5 Romantic Bollywood Movies You Need to Watch

Watching films is a fantastic way to learn about other cultures. The films range from those centered on a single character’s journey to those that follow a romantic hero as he adjusts to life in the West. Remember that every movie can transport you to another world and another era.

Bollywood movies often focus on romantic love and yearning for another existence. Because of their widespread appeal, they are derided. Each one has its unique qualities. Movieswatch24 Bollywood Movies are among the most popular worldwide, so many people see them often in theatres or on home video.

Romantic comedies are becoming more popular with Bollywood viewers. We’ve compiled a list of five movies that are perfect for a passionate night with your special someone.

Love per Square Foot

The girl and her lover live in a little apartment in this movie. Vicky, overheads in love with her boyfriend, is trying desperately to come up with ideas to make their studio apartment seem more significant. If Vicky is planning anything, what is it? Online video game. In this movie, a young guy and his girlfriend live in a tiny downtown apartment. The young man is trying to improve his partner’s crowded living situation. In response, the young guy proposed what?

Online video game. Featuring Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar, Love per Square Foot is an open and engaging story about adolescent love. Filmmaker Anand Tiwari oversaw its production; you can see it now on Movierulzboats. Numerous people have been moved by “The Story,” making it a classic in romantic movies.

Sanjay and Karina have decided to take a trip to Mumbai to escape their housing cost rut. They’ve been saving for a while now, and they can afford to buy a home. However, upon arrival, they assess the local market and conclude that more funding is unnecessary. After getting the courage to ask their parents and grandparents for help, they move in with friends and family.


Shravan, our hero, has just broken up with his fiancĂ©e and is starting a new job at his uncle’s bar in Goa. He develops affection for a classmate called Madhura, but when he tries to talk to her, he finds out that she is already in a relationship. He decides to acquire a job in a bar and save the money he makes for a trip to London as a method of healing from his breakup. There, he finally meets Madhura, and the two end up reconciling.

Sushrut is a student from Baroda who wants to start a school for the traditional Gujarati dance known as Garba. Michelle, a bright student from London, and her family go to Baroda to participate in the annual Garba festival, where they meet Sushrut. When two random people meet, they quickly become best buddies. Sushrut will owe it to Michelle, should he ever develop love emotions for her, to be wholly devoted to her.


In the movie Manmarziyaan, three couples are deeply in love with one another. Rumi, a young man, and Robbie, a young man, are both over heels for Vicky. Robbie’s third love interest is a girl named Vicky. The story revolves around these three characters and the ideas of romantic attraction and obsession. Examines how the benign and innocuous sensation of love can corrupt and ruin.

Rumi, a woman, dissatisfied with her life, meets Vicky, a man who thinks it’s time for a change, in this true story. Rumi and Vicky get close and fall in love; they live together blissfully until Rumi’s family finds him out, and she abruptly leaves. Despite pressure from her family, Rumi cannot give up her crush on Vicky. In the story, we tag along with Rumi as she does all she can to get back with her ex-boyfriend Vicky. This means that all of Rumi’s efforts were in vain.


Having just released Zero, Shahrukh Khan has shown once again that he can make a hit movie. This movie features a romantic pairing between a man and a woman. The male is a hardworking and honourable cricket professional, while the woman is driven and beautiful. They are intensely attracted to one another emotionally and physically, but their professions place them in a dangerous situation. Since they cannot be physically present with one another, they have to rely on electronic means of communication and, inevitably, repeat the same mistake of putting work before quality time spent together. Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif both make appearances in the flick. Zero, his most recent film, is an intense love picture like his others.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

The romantic film Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, based on a true story, had its world debut on April 12 this year. The on-screen chemistry between protagonists Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda is fantastic. Despite their deep, unsaid love for one another, they are forced to spend their lives apart as husband and wife. The film is among the year’s top romantic fare.

Aarti and Sattu are romantically involved. They decide to be married, but Aarti learns she must retake her exams after the wedding to maintain her work as a clerk. Because of this, Aarti decides to call off her wedding and go away to the countryside rather than take and pass the PCS exams. After her wedding, Aarti runs across Satyendra, an IAS official, with a grievance against the way society treats women. Aarti and Satyendra fall in love when she passes the PCS exams and can return to her previous employment as a clerk.


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