Three Reasons to Think About Printed Boards And Signs

When looking for display boards the best option is to search for Velcro-compatible or pinnacle options. They’ve been around for many years, tested and verified and proved to be trustworthy. But, the fact that we are comfortable with a product, it doesn’t suggest that we shouldn’t consider alternatives available.

The most thrilling aspect of dibond signs is the fact that you can customise them; however , the end result often may not be as appealing as we think. 

To Remedy This, We’ll Present a New Solution: Displays That Are Printed.

1. Integrating Quality To Gain An Edge Over The Competition

The design and quality of an exhibit is the most important aspect that determines if it will succeed. Graphically printed display boards are intended to provide an edge over traditional designs. The options on the internet are made from high-quality materials as normal.

On an overall basis, this makes display boards more durable and shields them from small damages in the long term. This is vital for an LCD that is likely to never need to be changed in the near future.

2. The Design Should Be Attractive

Why would you want printed display boards if you’re dedicated to a particular design? If you’re trying to modify the design to accommodate every occasion, printed display boards aren’t suitable for you.

If, however, you require an identical design for several events, they can give you a more durable and high quality product. Additionally, if you’re constantly trying to alter the design of your display and you are looking for a solution, now is the ideal time to shell out a bit more to have the experts in.

3. Created To Last

Traditional display boards are often classified under the low-cost and fun category. This means that its capacity is often limited due to your imagination capability. However, just because design and marketing is a weak point, it doesn’t mean the product you offer must be hindered by it.

Display boards printed with graphics will likely cost more, however their design has been developed around which makes the investment more. While a homemade display could have a moderate amount of success in an insignificant amount of time however, a professionally printed display could be optimised to be an outstanding display tool for several years to in the future.

Printing Using Foamex Is A Well-Known Method

A material that can be used for a variety of applications. It is ideal to be used for various tasks. If you’re looking to advertise your business, it is inevitable that you require top-quality banners, Foamex sheets, flyers and so on. An experienced printing business to help you with the process is essential.

1. Graphics For Display

Foamex signs are perfect for display graphics as the prerequisites for display and other signage in a similar scenario is that it be large and transportable.

2. Signs For Construction Sites

Foamex boards are used on construction sites to help ensure that all health and safety messages are across. Foamex Printing offers excellent construction site board printing solutions that will definitely communicate your message about your brand to your target audience.

Foamex Printing
Image Sources: Board Printing Company UK

3. Affirmations For College And School

Foamex boards are commonly employed in large institutions, such as schools and colleges to display information graphics because they can be placed anywhere and are lightweight.

4. Point Of Sale Signs

Foamex boards produce fantastic prints. You can use any colour, and then make it into any shape you like.

5. Locations Of Events

Foamex boards, also known as Foamex printing, are widely used as signs for events to make attractive promotional and advertisements at events.

Additionally, we will ensure that your website’s board contains custom graphics, images and branding information, and can help increase revenue. We also offer custom options to help you increase the effectiveness of your campaign and creatively promote your message.

The Most Used Printing Material

The benefits and characteristics of Foamex PVC board, also called Foamex printing, ought to have shown the reason behind why Foamex is a preferred material in a lot of businesses.

Its characteristics like being lightweight and having a thickness of 3mm 5mm, 10mm and 3mm allow you to use Foamex boards to complete various tasks. You’ll get a great price for the money you spend with the PVC Foamex coaster.

You can have your company’s logo or name imprinted on coasters for the entire world to view. With the convenience of customising and a variety of colours, you can avail numerous custom options to meet your specific needs.

If you require Foamex in your hoardings as well as exhibition display panels or any other purpose we have innovative ways to print with Foamex printing! We’re among the most well-known digital printing firms in the business.

Some Things You Need To Learn About Foamex: Is It A Better Choice?

Foamex is a substance that’s easy to print on. The molecular arrangement of the hoarding panel is so that it offers Foamex panels flat and even surfaces that are mostly white. This is a wonderful aspect because it allows you for printing on surfaces like this.

If you print an image directly on Foamex it’s capable of giving stunning matte effects. This UV varnish doesn’t just produce a glossy effect, but also provides the image with extra protection.

Foamex boards can stand up to some harsh weather conditions unlike cardboard. This allows you to print on Foamex to create outdoor signs. If you are planning to use Foamex board for outdoor use, the recommended thickness should be 10mm, as thicknesses of 3mm or 5mm Foamex aren’t strong enough to withstand the extreme weather.

All boards are damaged or worn in time. However, a Foamex board is very resilient to wear and tears. Purchase our ultra-thin, robust 3mm foamex boards to decorate your interior.

Our 3mm foamex panels you are able to create estate boards and safety signs. We can assist you with the incredible eco-friendly foamex boards available in the 3mm and 5mm dimensions. We provide the most competitive prices for our products.

Benefits Of Making Use Of Foamex Board Printing

If you’re interested in understanding why you should choose this method of the Foamex board printing system, it’s due to specific reasons that we have given below.

It is simple to cut it into any shape or size. You now have the possibility to design a custom banner for your business. In addition, Foamex also comes in different sizes making the perfect choice for users.

Aluminium sign board is an excellent investment, and can last for many years in almost all situations. As an example, inside signs can last for anywhere up to six years and that’s the max shelf life for the Foamex board.

Aluminium sign board
Image Sources: Board Printing Company UK


It is best suited for direct printing because it is less difficult to cut and shape, and lighter. It also proves extremely durable. We have earned the respect and trustworthiness in the design of 3mm Foamex signage and boards.

These are only one of the main characteristics that make hoarding boards widely used materials which are utilised in marketing and promotion. With estate agent boards you can develop unique designs to suit your advertisement or display. They have a strong impact on your company and make your audience awestruck and create excitement.