Things You Need To Know About Sola Wood Flowers

Undoubtedly, fresh flowers are appealing and attract people. But, one can keep them for limited days only. Therefore, people are now getting more interested in sola wood flowers, which are elegant and eternal. These wood flowers are a great substitute for fresh-cut florals when one wishes to keep the attached memory intact forever.

For a few people, sola wood flowers can be new. Obviously, many questions run into the minds of an individual who is going to purchase the sola wood florals for the first time. So you are at the right place! This article will answer your every query and disclose interesting attributes of sola wood flowers.

What Are Sola Wood Flowers?

Well, sola wood flowers, also known as wood flowers, are a great substitute for fresh florals. They are skillfully given shape out of a popular and renewable wood of waterlogged plants. The wood is given the shape and appearance of a flower. Moreover, they are given different colors to make the bouquets for the occasion. Positively, they live forever as well as remind you of dear ones.

Benefits of Sola wood Flowers

There are various noteworthy features and benefits of sola wood florals that will amaze you. Check them out!

Worth the money

Definitely, the sola wood flowers are worth every penny you spend on them. You usually purchase fresh flowers to give on special occasions to express your affection. On the other hand, they can not be kept for long as they dry very soon and lose their appealing look and fragrance. Obviously dried or wilted flowers can not be kept home for a longer duration. But, the sola wood flowers remain the same which you can utilize in your home decor.

It stays with you forever

People celebrate many events in a year such as birthdays, valentines day, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc. So every person wishes to give something that can stay with them forever to remind them of your love. The elegant and lovely sola wood flower bouquet can be gifted at every event or special day. You can also place an order online to give the bouquet to the recipient who is living far from you. The flower bouquet delivery in Singapore makes sure to deliver the order carefully and on the scheduled time.

Minimal maintenance 

Unlike fresh florals, sola wood flowers have no maintenance expense. Positively, they are a very affordable alternative as one only needs to dust the flowers with a simple cloth without using any chemicals. On the other hand, fresh flowers require care to extend their duration. After 2-3 days fresh flowers are served with flower food and continuous sunlight and water. Moreover, many home remedies are followed to keep the water bacteria-free and help the florals survive.

Serves multiple purposes

No doubt, the flower bouquets are gifted or received on specific occasions. If one receives a fresh flower bouquet, it is tough to keep them at home for a longer period. But, the sola wood flowers can be used for various purposes such as home decoration or performing some DIY after the celebration day is over.

Eco friendly

The sola wood flowers are known to be an eco-friendly alternative because it does no harm to nature. The plant from which the wood is acquired grows in abundance and now chemicals or extra efforts are required to push their growth.

Available in every season

Positively, the sola wood flowers are not restricted to a specific season like fresh florals. As the flowers are made out of wood, they can be stored and sold throughout the year. This is one of the significant benefits of opting for wood flowers. It is very disappointing when the selected florals are not available to celebrate your day during the off-season. Click here

Great scope of customization

The florists who offer the sola wood flowers allow customization to a great extent. You can pick the bouquet and filler of your choice and color. It is very convenient to get the accessory and jewelry added to amplify the look of the gift.

Many think it is hard to achieve the fragrance of fresh flowers. But there are many options of scent oil that can be applied on the petals and last for many months.

How are Sola Wood Flowers made?

It is obvious to have many questions regarding the making of sola wood flowers.  Surprisingly, they are pure art that is handcrafted without the use of any technology. The skilled professional pulls out the white core of the waterlogged plants that are covered under the thick layer of bark. This meat-like material is very soft and supple which simplifies the process of molding them into beautiful and delicate petals, leaves, and other detailing. All the elements are carved out of the thin sheets of the core material. Moving further, they are put together to bring out the final look of a flower.

The whole process is carried out with perfection to give the wood flowers a realistic replica with the same attributes as a fresh flower. Well, the sola wood is originally in brown or cream color. But, it is dyed in various unique shades to offer variety to pick the preferred floral. However, every expert takes care of the color quality to keep away any risk of allergy or side effects.


To sum up, the time is changing, and people prefer permanent gifting options. People who know very little about sola wood flowers or are planning to buy them for the first time may have curiosity and doubts if they are wise to opt for them. Well, they surely make the perfect choice when it is about giving a token of love. The gifts are meant to be kept forever and cherish the memories attached to them. The sola wood flowers given on any occasion can be later kept as souvenirs. It is true that fresh flowers have a beautiful fragrance and are liked by many individuals but they are not worth buying as they die very soon.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to discover the amazing benefits of sola wood flowers. For more information, feel free to reach us.