Things To Do in Cancun 

Are you planning for a getaway to a beachy heaven? Palm trees, turquoise sea and exquisite food of Cancun are waiting to serve you and give you the best vacation ever. The gorgeous weather, crystal clear water, delectable Mexican food will entice your whole being.Thats why, we have prepared an itinerary to explore and things to do in Cancun for you.

Cancun, located in southeast Mexico on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexico state. Known as the second most visited place by tourists in the world, Cancun was an important place for Mayan history, culture, religions and trade. If you are looking to visit such a holistic destination, then you can book the most affordable flights to Cancun with Lufthansa. Or you can get a great deal on round trip flights to Cancun with Alaska Airlines

Things To Do in Cancun 

Don’t just say that Cancun is all about beaches and palm trees, it’s more than what meets the eyes. You can either explore many things to do in Cancun through the cliched way of other tourists or you can follow our guide to do things like locals in a unique way.  

  1. Explore the Kukulcan Boulevard

Also known as the Hotel Zone, is the most popular place for tourists because of all the resorts and hotels and dazzling nightlife on the beach. Hotel Zone is a 15 miles long strip of sand. As the name implies, most of the hotels are located here and the only road that goes through the hotel zone is Kukulcan Boulevard. If you want to experience the nightlife close to your hotel then this is the spot.

  1. Visit Downtown Cancun 

One of the best things to do in Cancun is to explore downtown Cancun (Ciudad Cancún). The center of Cancun is filled with the taste of local culture, with delicious Mexican food along with small shops, local markets and Mexican wrestling. You can also find the residents of locals in Downtown as well. You can shop at the local flea shops to buy souvenirs, local handicraft and more authentic things. 

  1. Visit Avenida Tulum 

To experience the real Cancun, you must visit this place. It is somewhat like a small shopping center with dynamic markets selling handicrafts, galleries and food stalls. If you enjoy strolling in a peaceful atmosphere then Avenida Tulum is a place that will provide you with solace. One of the things to do in Cancun is to just stop by a shop for a quick bite and then proceed to walk in the green garden alongside Avenida Tulum.   

  1. Visit the Chichen Itza 

For the historian in you who wants to explore ancient places, Chichen Itza is a significant spot built by Mayan people. This ancient site was one of the largest Mayan Cities and was a major economic power. One of the major buildings is the El Castillo which is known as the temple of Kukulkan – a snake deity who is highly revered in Mayan mythology. At the base of the temple are two snake heads which represent the Kukulkan. This is among the things to do in Cancun, Mexico. 

  1. Discover Tulum 

To explore history, visit Tulum, was once a walled port that withstanded invasions and continued even after the Spanish war. 

You can relax on the cliffside overlooking the beach with turquoise water in front of you. You can explore the ruins and the history of this place to enlighten yourself about the rich past of Mayan people. This cultural hotspot of Mayan people is a symbol of a powerful dynasty that crumbled against time and invasion. 

  1. Relax in an Underground River

Cancun is known to have the longest underground river system in the world. If you want to take a break from beaches and sand, just jump into one of these rivers and experience a soothing bath. One of the fun things to do in Cancun is to take a dip in the slow rivers. Xcaret has three slow-moving waters perfect for a peaceful swim. You can also do snorkelling, kayaking or go ziplining between cliffs. 

  1.  Go on Catamaran Ride

Want to plan a romantic getaway for your partner? Book a catamaran that takes you to explore the enchanting Caribbean sea away from the sandy beaches and tourists for one day. Just relax and enjoy the refreshing and natural airiness of the sea and spend quality time with your partner while having some amazing seafood delicacies to make the trip the most memorable. Also, among the best things to do in Cancun for adults is to go snorkelling and scuba diving and discover the vibrant and fantastical marine life including fishes, sea turtles and even sting rays with your partner. 

  1. Dare Yourself for Zip Lining 

If you have the knack for thriller, then try zip lining for an exhilarating experience. Cancun has many spots for adventure sports such as zip lining, kayaking and paddling.Selvatica is among the best adventure parks that specialises in adventure sports and offers types of zip lining experiences. This adventure park also offers activities that are kid friendly so don’t hesitate to bring your children to enjoy. Try one of the fun things to do in Cancun to make the trip memorable

  1. Explore The Cenotes 

Cancun is famous for having an abundance of cenotes. Cenotes are underground caverns that are formed after limestone caves are carved out leaving a hole in earth. These holes most of the time are filled with aqua-coloured water. Tourists visit these cenotes to relax in the crystal water or do snorkelling and scuba diving in it. Ik Kil is one of the most popular cenotes in Cancun, so don’t forget to plan a small trip there. Keep in mind due to high tides, these cenotes tend to fill up with water, so be cautious at the same time. This is among the best things to do in Cancun. 

  1. Join A Temazcal Ceremony 

Temazcal is an ancient Mayan ceremony which aims to cleanse the body, soul and mind. Mayan people believe this ceremony as a source of energy and health. The ceremony takes place inside a small hut where volcanic rocks and wood are placed to generate heat inside the hut. The ceremony is more like a sauna in which a local shaman chants spells while throwing water on the rocks. Mayan people believed this ceremony brings abundance and peace of mind. So, if you are in Cancun, you should definitely try this activity as this is among the things to do in Cancun. 

Helpful tips for your Cancun Trip

  1. Don’t forget Sunscreen 
  2. Pack a bug spray
  3. Try booking your hotel outside the Hotel zone to explore the cultural side of Cancun.
  4. Keep cash with you all the time. 
  5. Eat some of the most delicious Mexican food from street stalls.
  6. Avoid the high season to save money. 

Bottom Line?

Cancun, a city of delectable history and culture will make you fall in love with it. About 40% of Americans plan their vacations in Cancun. Don’t just stick to the beaches, explore the markets, local culture along with the nightlife of Cancun. Cancun  is also known for its crazy nightlife, so stay awake for one night and check out the marvellous parties on Cancun beaches. And Don’t forget to cross your list of things to do in Cancun, Mexico.