Things Indian Women need to know about MENOPAUSE

Menopause is the term given to the time in a woman’s life when she no longer experiences menstruation cycles. If a woman has not had a period for twelve consecutive months, a doctor may suspect that she is suffering from this condition. Menopause can begin anywhere between the ages of 40-50. The transition into menopause is a completely normal part of a woman’s life cycle. A woman may face a variety of challenges during her lifetime. The women’s anatomy and reproductive system go through a series of significant changes during her lifetime. Menopause is the only period in a woman’s life when she will feel utterly unhappy. This prevents a woman from being pregnant. 

Symptoms of menopause

  • Changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle are one of the many indications and symptoms that may appear in a woman who is pregnant.
  • It is common for a woman to stop having periods at a mid-age that can be also accounted as menopause age.
  • Mood swings, weight gain and a slowed metabolism, Baldness, and skin dryness are all symptoms of menopause.
  • There is a possibility of experiencing some difficulties with your periods before they finish for good.
  • It is possible to become pregnant despite irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Bursts of intense heat reduce, nighttime sweating and chill sleep difficulties will arise

Management of Menopause :

In the condition known as menopause, the body stops producing the hormones that are associated with female reproductive function. This leads to symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, behavioral impairment, vaginal dryness, and pain during sexual activity, in addition to irregularities in the urinary system. In men, this leads to symptoms such as changes in mood and behavioral impairment. These signs and symptoms, which are brought on by shifts in hormonal levels, are the primary focus of menopause treatment because their relief is the fundamental purpose of menopause treatment. In addition, the treatment of menopause focuses on the prevention and treatment of age-related chronic disorders (osteoporosis, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer). In the field of hymenoplasty

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Treatments that Queen’s Gynecology provides for the management of Menopause

Oral hormone therapy: Queens Gynecology provides the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Following an in-depth analysis of the patient’s personal and medical history, the hormones are then given to the patient in the smallest dose possible and for the shortest amount of time required to provide the desired relief from their symptoms. In addition to this benefit, hormone replacement therapy stops the breakdown of bone. Hormone therapy has been beneficial for a significant number of menopausal women. On the other hand, there is a risk that hormone replacement therapy over an extended period will result in unfavorable side effects and hazards. Your Gynecologist at Queen’s Gynecology Centre will provide all of the potential benefits, risks, and side effects of the treatment with you before you start receiving it. After receiving your consent and being fully informed, a decision will be made.

Low-dose vaginal hormone therapy: Hormones can be applied topically (in the form of a vaginal cream), taken orally (in the form of a tablet or ring), or worn as a ring. Furthermore, hormones can be administered through the vaginal route. The vaginal tissues can absorb the small quantity of the hormone that is secreted, and as a result, vaginal dryness, pain experienced during sexual activity, and certain symptoms associated with urine are alleviated. 

At Queen’s gynecology, you will be carefully monitored with the utilisation of any hormonal therapy or extra medications that have been prescribed to alleviate the distress associated with menopausal symptoms. Following an in-depth analysis of the patient’s personal and medical history, the recommended dosage and route of administration could be altered to better accommodate the individual requirements of each woman. After getting your informed consent, your gynecologist will inform you of all of the benefits, dangers, and side effects that are connected with each type of therapy, and then he or she will build a specific treatment plan for you to follow. In addition, the therapy will be reassessed every six months to a year because the requirement for treatment as well as the variety of treatment alternatives are subject to shift over time. 

Other medications that can improve the symptoms of menopause

Low doses of antidepressants: Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been shown to lower the frequency and intensity of menopausal hot flashes. Women who need an antidepressant for a mood illness or who are unable to take hormone therapy for medical reasons may benefit from a low-dose antidepressant for hot flashes treatment. This is true whether the ladies have a history of depression or not.

Gabapentin: This medication is ideal for women who experience nighttime hot flashes but are unable to obtain hormone therapy.

Clonidine:  Clonidine, which is commonly used to treat hypertension, has shown promise in the treatment of hot flashes.

Queen’s Gynecology Centre

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