These 6 valuable tips will make your custom boxes more popular

All brands aim to create packaging that will be excellent. One reason is that this is often the first impression that a company is giving of their product to shoppers. First impressions need to be good so that people will consider getting the product. Custom boxes are a popular packaging option because they let a brand create unique packaging. However, you need to know how to create these boxes so that they are perfect. They need to be able to protect your product effectively whilst also allowing it to stand out in front of the consumer base.

The following presents you with 6 tips that will help make your custom packaging more popular:

  1. Choose strong packaging

If you wish your packaging to be popular, it must be strong. It will be useless if you have an attractive box, but it is breaking, exposing the product. This does not give a positive image to shoppers. Therefore you need to be able to get strong custom boxes that will be able to perfectly protect the merchandise.

There are number of materials available for packaging that you can find nowadays in the market. You need to keep the features of your merchandise in mind and consider which packaging material will be best for it.

For example, if you are packaging something heavy, you can select corrugated cardboard. Cardboard and Kraft are also good options because these materials are all strong and can keep many different items safe. If you are packaging a food product, you need to avoid packaging material that has harmful chemicals that can go into the food.

  • Make the perfect size and shape box

It is also necessary to create a box that is the right size as well as shape. If you get a huge box, it makes people think that the product inside is huge as well. When they open the box, their expectations will be broken, and a bad impression will be given of your company. It will show your brand as a careless one. A large box can even make the item move around inside much. This can easily harm it. A small box can end up breaking, therefore affecting the product. This is why you need to take measurements of your product so that you can make the perfect size box.

Unique shape boxes can stand out and make packaging popular in front of the normal shape boxes. However, you must not make a shape that will compromise the protection of the product within.

  • Boxes to attract a customer base

The popular custom packaging is the one that will be able to be prominent to the consumer base. This is because these are the boxes that these people will notice and even consider getting the product. The packaging will stand out to them.

If you want to make boxes like these, you need to do some research to find out who your potential customers are. You can consider their age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits, etc. You can then make boxes that will appeal to these shoppers.

For example, if you are selling products that are for kids, like toys, you will design packaging so that it is bright and colorful. It may even include images of popular cartoon characters on it. On the other hand, if the specific product is something for adults like cosmetics, the packaging design can be more decent looking.

These types of boxes are popular because they can increase sales for the brand.

  • Informative boxes

Custom boxes wholesale that are informative will be better. This is because you will be including points on the packaging, which aids shoppers in knowing what you are selling. It would be easy for them to explore whether to get the product. A brand can be seen as a transparent one when it informs customers about the product.

It depends on the type of product and you need to know what details to include in the box because too much information is likely to confuse you. Many shoppers will not even bother reading this stuff. When people look at the packaging, they should immediately realize what you are selling.

For example, if you are selling cereal, you can include the flavor on the packaging. State the ingredients and nutritional facts, manufacturing and expiry date, warnings, how to store and use, etc.

Add the details in a font that people will want to read. It is vital that its size and color also be perfect.

  • Market the product

The most popular type of custom packaging is the one that will market the merchandise. It will allow the product to stand out. You can include the special features of your product in a box like this. These points will be the ones that will encourage potential consumers to want to try out your product.

For example, if a brand  is selling a moisturizer that has ingredients good for a certain skin type, you can highlight these to let shoppers know about them. If your food product has natural ingredients, highlight these as they make people want to try the item.

Sometimes brands have certain deals and discounts on products. This includes stuff like the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deal. Include these on packaging as they also encourage people to want to get the product.

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  • Increase brand awareness

Custom printed boxes should be able to increase brand awareness if they are to be popular. This is because brands wish to get themselves known, and if they can do it cost-effectively with the help of packaging, they will be happy.

To help in increasing brand awareness, you should include a brand logo on the packaging of all your merchandise. Shoppers use this logo to recognize which products your company is selling.

You can even add the contact information of your company on the packaging. This will include details like your brand’s address, number, email address, social media links, etc. These points are important to help customers contact your company.

From the above, you can see that it is possible to make custom boxes more popular. For this, you will need to create packaging that is sturdy and also attractive.