The Top Reasons to Upgrade to Cat6 Plenum Cable for Your Home or Business

You have a good Internet Service but you are not getting proper Speed on your devices. Here is a solution for you that improves your experiences. Cat6 Plenum Cable provide you with a smooth Ethernet connection to your device. This cable is used as a Home network and business Lan Link for higher performance. Cat6 cables are one of the best cables system in present technology. There are many reasons to choose this cable for both commercial and domestic purposes. Not only this is one of the most popular cables out there but also it is highly affordable one. Secondly, many installer prefer it because of its backward compatibility.

This article will discuss all the reasons to choose this cable for your networking need. In addition, we’ll also take a look at all the pros and cons of this cable. Keep reading.

Cat6 Plenum Specification

Plenum cable is made of high-quality PVC that emits less smoke, has excellent electrical qualities and is chemically resistant. In an event of fire, it produces less harmful smoke. You can operate this cable at temperatures ranging from -25 to 125 degrees Celsius. The plenum rating is one of the biggest reasons to choose this cable for your network. This outer jacket makes this cable highly dependable in plenum spaces of your building. Its ability to fight off fire and emit less toxic fumes is one of many reasons to choose this cable.

When it comes to speed of this cable, you cannot get any better than this one. Cat6 can cater both commercial and domestic local area networks with its data transfer rate. You’ll get whopping 10Gbps data transfer rate at 55 meters distance. In addition, the frequency of this cable is 550MHz which is more than enough to run a network smoothly.

The last this we’ll discuss is the internal structure of this cable. You should know that there are four twisted pairs inside the cable. These pairs can be either pure copper or copper clad aluminum. Make sure to get the pure copper cable to enjoy the best conductivity. Furthermore, this cable can fight off all sorts of crosstalk and electromagnetic interferences.

Advantages of Ethernet Cables

Speed and Bandwidth – This cable keeps strong your connection and speed to your device. It is capable to transmitting 10 gigabits per second across short distance. It is suitable for 1 GB to 10 GB speed.

Fire Resistant Ethernet Cable Jacket CoatingsCat6 plenum are widely used Fire resistant Ethernet cables. It is also known PVC Underwriters Laboratories cable (UL cable, US fire protection standards) and Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable (LSZH cable, European national fire protection standards).

Cable Types – This belong to “UL cable type”—including a series of cables that are divided into five classes according to their safety standards and using environments: CMP cable, CMR cable, CM cable, CMG cable, and CMX cable.

Transmission – This category 6 cable can transmit your data without any disturbance. It enables to send and receive data fast with maintain quality service. These cables ensures you that your data must be received without any loss of connection when you have multiple users are connected in your device.

Plenum Jacket – Outer jacket is best for indoor HAVC spaces. It is also good for resist the heat and sustain the toxic smoke in the case of fire. The communications multipurpose plenum (CMP) coat is intended for indoor open spaces like dropped roofs, raised floors, and so on.

Reasons to Choose Cat6 Plenum

When choosing the right length and type of Cat6 cable for your installation, there are a few factors to consider. First, consider the distance between the devices you will be connecting. Longer cables will be needed for larger installations, while shorter cables may be sufficient for smaller setups. It’s also important to consider the type of cable you will need. There are two main types of Cat6 cables: solid and stranded. Solid cables are typically more durable and less prone to interference, making them a good choice for permanent installations. Stranded cables, on the other hand, are more flexible and are better suited for temporary or portable applications

There are multiple reasons to go for this cable. Speed, security, and rapid data transmission are some of the main reasons to choose this cable over any other for your network. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons in depth to choose this cable.

Fast Networking

Information and data has become two of the most valuable products in the modern world. A lot of businesses depend on the data and information. If you want a smooth delivery of your data, this cable is an ideal tool for you. You can do wonders in your business with this cable. Additionally, this cable can do literally anything whether it’s uninterrupted video calling or smooth flow of data without any hiccup.


Many of us have older network especially in our households. It is a big and expensive task to update a network. You need a lot of cable along with its accessories. But that is not the case with cat6 plenum cable. You can easily use it with your older categories. Furthermore, you will not face any compatibility issue while using it. However, the performance of your network may vary based on your devices.

Power over Ethernet

Category 6 cable has the ability to offer you all-in-one solution. These newer cables are PoE enabled. It means you do not need to install extra cables for your network and telephone. This single plenum cable will take care of it.

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