The Surprising Health Benefits Of Wearing An Orange Garnet

Garnet comes in many different colors, and orange garnet happens to be an especially beautiful and unique variety of the gemstone. The color of garnet comes from trace elements like iron and manganese, so the same stones can come in multiple shades of red, black, or even green depending on how much of each element they contain. It’s also possible to get garnets that are blue or purple in color as well.

Garnet Balances The Chakras

Garnets are powerful stones that have been used for centuries to help balance the chakras. With their deep, rich reds and oranges, garnets can help you feel grounded and secure. They can also help you to find peace in all areas of your life and give you more energy. If you wear a garnet necklace or garnet earrings, the stone will work its magic in your body by bringing blood flow to all the right places, helping to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Blue moonstone is another stone that brings balance to your life and helps with self-awareness as well as creativity. For example, if you wear a blue moonstone necklace or bracelet it will draw out any negative energy that may be around you at any time while also supporting intuition.

Garnet Detoxifies The Body

Garnets are the stone equivalent to a detoxifier. It is said that garnets can help purify the blood and cleanse the body from toxins. It also has healing properties for emotional wounds, helping to release suppressed anger, heal hurt feelings, and break destructive patterns of behavior. Garnet is a calming stone and can be used during meditation to bring emotional balance and inner peace. Blue moonstone is another stone with similar properties, but in particular it helps with mental clarity, intuition, finding your true self, releasing confusion or indecision.

These stones can be worn as jewelry or placed on your desk at work or in your living space to keep them close by and their healing energy flowing into your life. They both have positive effects on the mind so try wearing one when you need clarity or need to find focus. Blue Moonstone is great for those who have a tendency towards anxiety because it works well with calming emotions, bringing tranquility and serenity back into your day-to-day life.

Garnet Improves Circulation

Garnets are a beautiful stone that can provide many health benefits. In general, garnets can balance blood pressure and increase circulation. Specifically, orange garnets such as the Blue Moonstone can help ease tension and anxiety with their calming energy. This can be great for people who are looking for a way to relax after a long day. In addition, wearing orange garnets will promote better sleep and a more positive outlook on life. Blue Moonstones have been traditionally used by Native Americans to ward off bad dreams and give courage in the face of adversity.

Garnet Relieves Inflammation

Garnet is a symbol for love and loyalty. It’s also said to bring happiness, health and wealth. As far as the benefits go, it can help with concentration, promote mental focus and relieve stress. The most effective way to use garnet is when worn in jewelry. Blue moonstone is also said to have the same effect on the mind as garnets do (although moonstones are much rarer). Blue moonstone is associated with introspection, intuition and psychic abilities.

Unlike garnets, blue moonstone does not need to be worn near the body in order to be used effectively; it can be kept in your pocket or even held between your fingers if you’re feeling particularly anxious.

Blue Moonstone can give relief from pain: If you suffer from any type of chronic pain, blue moonstone may provide some relief. Blue moonstone has been proven helpful against arthritis pain, for example; however its healing properties are stronger when combined with meditation or yoga practices that focus on breathing deeply.

Blue MoonStone can help you sleep better: Even if you’re lucky enough not to suffer from chronic pain or insomnia, blue moonstone may still prove useful during sleep-time hours.

Garnet Boosts The Immune System

Garnets are said to boost the immune system, promote feelings of well-being, and even reduce inflammation. The garnets’ soothing properties are thought to be related to the stone’s association with Mars, the planet that rules over anger and aggression. Blue Moonstone is a type of garnet that has been found to have many beneficial effects on the body. As a member of the pyrope garnet family, blue moonstones are good for balancing emotions and easing depression.

This gemstone is also believed to have protective qualities against negative energy and psychic attack from people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Blue Moonstone can also help to restore balance in difficult relationships, such as those between spouses or parents and children.

Garnet Reduces Stress And Anxiety

Garnets are a great way to increase your concentration and focus. They are often used as a tool for individuals with ADD and ADHD. When worn or held in the hand, garnets can help calm the nerves by releasing pressure on the blood vessels in the head and neck. Garnets also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help decrease symptoms of arthritis, gout, heart disease and high blood pressure. The stimulation they provide may even be enough to help you sleep better at night. One type of garnet that is known to have powerful health benefits is Blue Moonstone. This type has been shown to both improve mental clarity and strengthen your immune system with its antiviral properties.

Garnet Aids In Concentration And Focus

There are many benefits to wearing garnet; it can help with focus and concentration, reduce anxiety, and help with the healing process. One lesser-known fact about the garnet is that it helps absorb excess oil from the skin. This is why we recommend pairing your garnet gemstone with blue moonstone jewelry. Moonstones are believed to be powerful in providing emotional balance and soothing troubled spirits.

Moonstones come in various colors including blue, peach, yellow, orange, green, pink and brown. Blue moonstones specifically provide emotional support during times of stress or tension by balancing both the body’s physical responses (reduces blood pressure) as well as a person’s mood or outlook on life.