The Journey of Brazilian Green Coffee Beans from Farm to Cup

The popularity of Brazilian coffee

Amidst the rat race of life, coffee emerges as the most loved beverage, or instead, you can consider it a beverage that charges you up instantly. On Sunday mornings or during mid-week blues, our weary minds seek refuge in the cup full of coffee. Despite harbouring an intense love for coffee, most of us have no idea why Brazilian coffee reigns over the hearts of coffee lovers. Brazilian green coffee beans are notable for the bold flavours that they unlock when making their place in our favourite coffee mugs. Being the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazil has in store the best-tasted coffee which is unparalleled. What according to you is special in Brazilian coffee that makes people drool over it? The answer is its nutty and bittersweet taste, accompanied by a mesmerising aroma. 

Be it espresso, or Latte, the best quality coffee beans will undoubtedly assure you the best taste and compel you to fall for it. Moreover, you can never go wrong when it comes to experimenting with coffee recipes either with a thick layer of cream or with a sugary twist. There is evidence of the fact that most high-quality espresso blends are prepared from Brazil Cerrado or Bourbon Santos owing to the dark taste of the Brazilian coffee without making the recipe entirely bitter. Even though numerous coffee connoisseurs have almost no knowledge regarding the exciting quest of green coffee beans from the farm to the coffee mug.

Processing of the green coffee beans

Most of us believe that coffee beans come directly from the bag to the cup, while the journey is more than you think. Additionally, the journey of coffee beans includes not only the merchandisers and the buyers, but rather farmers, pickers, producers, cuppers, and shippers who are there to aid in getting the best coffee. You would not believe that fresh green coffee beans are usually found inside red cherry-like fruits. The small seeds of coffee fruit are found in those countries where the sunny environment prevails to give the seeds the best nutrients. However, to get fresh green beans, you have to remove the red cherry flesh and there are a few ways of doing it.

Spreading the cherries in sunlight, they are mixed continuously to avert the chances of spoilage. After several days, the direct sunlight dries the husk and leaves the beans partially exposed. Thereafter, the bean must be dried and milled to detach the last bit of the cherry from it.

Exporting and roasting the coffee beans

The struggle to get the finest Brazilian green coffee beans remains an unravelled enigma to coffee lovers as they get the roasted version of coffee in their cups. In the initial stage, handpicking the selective beans is a labour-intensive task and it entails toil and extreme efforts of the farmers. Moreover, the most daunting aspect of the journey of coffee beans from farm to cup is plucking the ripe red cherries without causing damage to the unripe green berries. Several surveys have confirmed that picking the best coffee berries is not a simple task to be done, but it takes years to achieve mastery. To craft the ideal bittersweet taste, the beans should be properly roasted and the roasting of the coffee is often regarded as a blend of art and science.

Quality checking of coffee beans

Although the farmers leave no stone unturned to pick the ripe cherries, only the ripeness of the cherries cannot determine their taste. After undergoing the phase of roasting, to ensure the taste of the coffee, an expert taster must be appointed to inspect and assort the beans visually. In addition to that, the tasting is not as appealing as it sounds. The wonder does not end here as a taster based on his expertise in a single day is assigned the task of testing hundreds of coffee variants a day, still left with the ability to identify each flavour.

Brewing cups of coffee

As soon as the coffee arrives at your local roaster, you can instantly rush over there to the suitable coffee blend and brew it at home at your convenience. Once the coffee beans approach the end of their journey, gear up yourself to relish it from the core of the heart. Always be a bit picky when it comes to choosing your favourite blend of coffee or else to enjoy the flavour of Brazilian Arabica, you may purchase the Arabica beans solely. In coffee shops or at home, there are multiple ways to brew the most perfect cup of coffee, but the secret to having delicious coffee begins with the high-quality bean and the origin of these beans. So, to enjoy the coffee fully, you have to check the product information, especially the origin of the beans that are usually mentioned on the labels of the packaging.  

Key Takeaways

The final destination of the coffee beans is undoubtedly your coffee cup, although the journey of it remains so difficult that we cannot even think. Check out the online websites to get the details of Rio Minas Suppliers for affordable yet finest coffee blends.