The fascinating thing to know about the biography of tenali Ramakrishna

Telugu poet Tenali Rama served as a counselor at King Krishnadevaraya’s court in what is now Andhra Pradesh. Because of his clever and entertaining stories, he was also known as the court jester. Tenali Rama was known for using his intellect and moral principles to find solutions to problems, therefore his tales make excellent bedtime reading for young children. 

Since the early 16th century, these myths have been passed down orally. The cartoon series biography of tenali Ramakrishna on Cartoon Network (India) is entirely responsible for their recent resurgence. As a result of the popularity of the program and his stories, spin-offs were created, such as the animated series Rajguru Aur Tenaliram, which debuted on Star Utsav and is now accessible on YouTube. 

The tenali Ramakrishna life 

In a village called Thumuluru or Tenali now a portion of Tenali Maalam, Tenali Rama was born as Garlapati Ramakrishna in a Telugu-speaking Niyogi Hindu Brahmin family in the latter half of the fifteenth century. In the Ramalingesvara Swamy temple in Santharavuru, his father Garlapathi Rama worked as a priest. Ramakrishna was a child when Garlapathi passed away. 

Despite having little formal schooling throughout his early years, Tenli Rmakra became a remarkable scholar because of his hunger for information. According to a well-known legend, because he was an aura, the Vaishnava (devotees of Vishnu) scholars refused to accept him as a disciple. Ramakrishna was still adamant about getting an education, so he visited numerous paits and politely urged them to take him as a disciple, but they insulted him and tossed him out. 

Literary work of tenali rama 

Tenali Rama was a brilliant and witty man. One of the Pacha Mah Kavyas (the Five Magnificent Kavyas) of Telugu literature, Tenali Ramakrishna’s great work Panduranga Mahatyam is considered a Kavya of high value. It is notable for its sonorous dignity of phrase. In it, there is a fabled narrative of how Saint Pundarika blessed a shrine to Vishnu as Panduranga in Pandharpur. Tenali Rama and a friend were once relaxing on a hammock while taking in the soothing sea wind. Both men were grinning to themselves as if it was a lovely day.

In Pandharpur, a Brahmin named Nigama Sharma passed away after a life of frivolity and excess. There will be a conflict between Yama’s and Vishnu’s servants. Since he had a bad life and died in a holy location, the latter claimed him for heaven while the former were eager to carry him to hell. The Vishnu slaves are winners in this case. Tenali enriched the Skanda Purana’s Panduranga Mahatyam subject with numerous tales concerning Panduranga’s adherents. 

The overview of his popular culture 

  • B. S. Ranga directed the 1956 Telugu movie Tenali Ramakrishna. This movie, now known as Tenali Raman, was also produced in Tamil. While the title role was played by A. Nageswara Rao in Telugu and by Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil, N. T. Rama Rao appeared as Sri Krishnadevaraya in both movies. 
  • B. S. Ranga directed the 1982 Kannada movie Hasyaratna Ramakrishna. Anant Nag and Aarathi play key roles in the movie. Anant Nag portrays Ramakrishna, a poet, in the movie.
  • Vijay Kashyap starred in T.S. Nagabharana’s 1990 Hindi TV series Tenali Rama, which was shown on Doordarshan. Kamala Laxman’s short stories served as their inspiration.
  • Cartoon Network (India) released The Adventures of Tenali Raman in 2003.
  • The 2014 Tamil film Tenali Raman stars Vadivelu’s Tenali Raman and Krishna Devaraya. The film was based on Tenali Raman’s comedic relief.
  • An animated program called Rajguru Aur Tenaliram was shown on Star Utsav.

The overview of tenali Raman stories 

The biggest fool in the kingdom 

  • The best assortment of horse breeds in the Kingdom belonged to King Krishnadevaraya, who adored them.
  • A King was informed by a trader who had visited him one day that he had brought a horse of the finest breed in Arabia.
  • The King was welcomed to examine the horse. Krishnadevaraya adored the horse, so the trader informed the king that he could purchase it and that he had two more just like it back in Arabia, which he would return to retrieve. 
  • Because he adored the horse so much, the King also had to have the other two. He provided the trader with 5000 gold coins up front. 
  • The trader assured the customer that he will be back in two days with the additional horses.
  • Initially reluctant, biography of tenali Ramakrishna eventually showed the King the paper after more interrogation. 
  • There was a list of names on the page, with the King’s name at the top.
  • These are the names of the biggest fools in the Vijayanagara Kingdom, according to Tenali. 
  • The King demanded an explanation from Tenali Raman because, as was to be expected, he was incensed that his name was at the top. 
  • About the tale of the horse, Tenali argued that the King was naive to think that the stranger trader would return after obtaining 5000 gold coins.
  • In typical Tenali fashion, he responded by joking that the trader would be an even bigger fool in that scenario and that his name would replace the King’s on the list.

Happiness Now 

Tenali Rama and a friend were once relaxing on a hammock while taking in the soothing sea wind. Both men were grinning to themselves as if it was a lovely day. Tenali asked his pal what was making him grin after spotting him. In response, his friend said that he was considering the day when he will truly be happy. 

Tenali Rama enquired about the time for his friend and continued by saying that having a house by the sea, a comfortable car, a sizable bank account, a lovely wife, and four sons who would go to college and make a fortune would make him truly happy. After all this, what will you do? Tenali interrupted this monologue. When Tenali hears this, she laughs loudly and asks, “But aren’t you doing just that now?


Tenali Rama’s life is a wonder to behold, yet he lost his father when he was still a young lad. He was denied an education because of the teacher’s time’s narrow-mindedness. He became educated as a scholar and poet in the court via his initiative.