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Cambridge kitchen doors and drawers are excellent cabinet doors that, thanks to their center panel design, combine a timeless, traditional feel with a contemporary appearance.

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The leading provider of attractive, high-quality kitchen doors at affordable costs in the UK is Kitchen Door Specialist.

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What Can We Offer You?

You may be interested in our unique replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts as well as our awesome new selection of kitchen cabinets at Kitchen Door Specialist.

We also provide a large selection of hardware and accessories that can enhance the appearance of your newly renovated or beautiful kitchen.

Most of our products are custom-fit options, giving you a wide variety of color and wood style options.

Our products are available for online ordering and will be delivered right to your door. We are aware that you dislike spending hours of your time online. We, therefore, make it easy for you to place an order online without hassle.

We are always here to assist you because we are aware of how crucial kitchen products are.

We are experts in our construction community because we manufacture almost all of our products, using sustainable and locally sourced materials whenever possible.

Our doors in the Cambridge Design

Upgrade your kitchen’s doors to the stylish Bella Cambridge Door Style items offered by Kitchen Door Specialist, and experience a distinctive kitchen look that may set your place apart from others.

For those seeking a timeless and traditional design for their kitchen cabinets, these doors offer the ideal perception of old and contemporary trends.

Our solutions can also fit your financial requirements, allowing you to renovate your kitchen every few years. You may enjoy your kitchen’s lovely new look for a very long time with the help of the Kitchen Door Specialist.

Why Kitchen Door Specialist?

To completely revamp your kitchen, you can select from a choice of fashionable, old, and modern Handleless Kitchen Doors designs.

We make it simple for you to design the kitchen of your dreams from commencement to completion.

Based on British standards, all of our items are expertly produced using the latest cutting-edge technology and premium materials. With careful attention to detail, we constantly work to give the highest level of client satisfaction.

Wherever you need them, our specialty kitchen doors are made to meet all of your requirements!

We are happy to satisfy all of your kitchen needs and to help you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

We all know that every person has a genuine affection for their kitchen because they spend so much time in it preparing meals for their loved ones.

Solid wood is the term most commonly used to distinguish between conventional and engineered wood, but it also refers to structures without voids.

Engineered wood products are created by bonding wood strands, veneers, and fibers with adhesives to form composites. Solid wood is exactly that: strong.

It is a material that will last through the wear and tear that inevitably occurs in a modern family home. The sturdiness of wooden kitchen cabinets will keep all your cooking items safe. It’s furniture built to last.

It is not only beautiful but also strong and sturdy. However, it comes at a higher price that often exceeds the owner’s budget.

For homeowners who remodel or conduct home renovations, understanding what you’re paying for is essential, especially when it comes to cabinets.

Solid wood is recognized by cabinet manufacturers as a premium material. Whether you choose alder, cherry, maple, or oak, Solid wood has many advantages.

Strong & Durable

Solid wood is very durable and is used around the world to build bridges and houses. For your cabinets, the solidity and durability of solid wood are unmatched.

If you are looking to install cabinets that will last for decades, solid wood is a perfect choice. But keep in mind that different woods have different levels of durability, so do your research to make sure you’re buying the right option for your home.


Because solid wood cabinets can last for decades, you get what you pay for. Although wood cabinets may be more expensive at first, wooden cabinets are more durable and do not need to be replaced for many years. Be sure to maintain your cabinets well and they will last a lifetime.


With beautiful natural veins, solid wood can bring charm and warmth to any room. Just like the strength and durability of wood, different types of wood have different aesthetics. If you’re looking for solid wood with a great grain, choose cherry, maple, or oak.


No matter which wood you choose, you can customize it to your needs. From shape to finish, you can make your kitchen unique by using solid wood cabinets.

Multiple Choices

With a variety of woods, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing your solid wood cabinets. Depending on your needs, you can find a wood that suits your budget and style.

Traditional Kitchen Doors from Us

Everyone believes their kitchen to be the centre of their home, as is well known. We now offer you our collection of doors to take the place of the conventional kitchen because of this.

 Your property will always be worth more if you create a lovely setting that fits your tastes and your home! Every time you enter the most significant room, a pleasant, warm feeling greets you! Invest in a fresh traditional look for your kitchen!

In your new kitchen, do you want a classic and timeless design? At Kitchen Door Specialists, we have the solution for you with our selection of kitchen doors.

Our entire product line, which is tailored to fit your furniture and kitchen cabinets, is offered in a total of 36 different colours and 24 various styles.

To make sure that the doors you choose are an exact match in terms of colour, style, and size, you can even order a sample. Browse our entire selection, which is offered for sale online and ships to the UK.