The Best CBD Creams For Back Pain Relief In 2023

Are you looking for the top CBD creams to treat back pain? You’ll discover the top six CBD lotions for pain treatment in this blog post. We’ll also provide you with some good advice on how to pick the best CBD cream.

Back pain can be relieved by applying topical drugs, such as creams. CBD is one of the natural remedies that can reduce pain without running the risk of negative side effects. Cannabidiol, sometimes known as CBD, is now a component of certain companies’ pain-relieving products because of this. It is crucial to pick a product with high concentrations of CBD when using it topically. In order to avoid breakouts, it is also essential to choose a CBD cream that is non-comedogenic.

What is CBD Cream for Pain relief? 

A CBD cream for pain is a topical cream or ointment infused with the cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is believed to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which may help alleviate pain and discomfort when applied topically to the affected area.

CBD creams are typically applied directly to the skin, where the active ingredients can be absorbed locally. They are often marketed as a natural alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications and are commonly used to relieve sore muscles, joint pain, and other types of localized pain.

It’s important to note that while many people report positive results from using CBD creams for pain, the scientific evidence supporting these claims is still limited. As with any new treatment, it’s always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before trying a CBD cream or any other new form of pain relief.

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Best CBD Creams For Pain Relief (Our Top Picks)

CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream

This cream’s manufacturer, CBDfx, claims that it eases pain in the joints and deep tissues. The 1000 mg and 500 mg strengths of the CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream each include a generous amount of CBD. White willow bark and caffeine are two anti-inflammatory components in this CBD lotion that help with pain management. It also contains menthol for cooling purposes.

The company employs US hemp that is farmed organically. This cream also passes approved lab testing for quality and efficiency. The business posts its certificate of analysis (COA) on its website to foster client trust. Moreover, CBDfx Muscle and Joint Cream are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Canodyne CBD Pain Relief Gel

The healing properties of CBD are present in Canodyne Ease CBD Pain Gel. This menthol- and camphor-infused CBD lotion for back pain reduces inflammation. It also relieves pain brought on by sprains, backaches, muscle aches, and arthritis. Every application offers cooling relief from the discomfort and irritation that interfere with your daily activities.

Its non-greasy formulation, which is 100 percent THC-free, offers 10 times more absorption than conventional CBD. The strengths of Ease CBD Pain Gel are 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 2000 mg. For pain management, CBD roll-on and airless pump solutions are also offered. 

PlusCBD’s Pain Ease Muscle Cream

Vegan cream PlusCBD Pain Relief Muscle Cream has 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD in it. Moreover, it is devoid of sulfates, gluten, pesticides, and GMOs. The cream also includes menthol, which has a stunning cooling effect, and camphor, which has a warming impact on the skin.

The area of pain can be covered with a thin layer of this cream by users. According to PlusCBD, independent testing is done on this cream to ensure its quality and efficacy. The business posts COA on its website in an effort to foster a relationship built on transparency and trust.

Benefits of CBD Cream For Pain

CBD cream has gained popularity as a natural alternative to traditional pain relief options. Here are some of the potential benefits of using CBD cream for pain:

Relieves localized pain: CBD cream can be applied directly to the affected area of the body, providing targeted relief for localized pain and discomfort.

Reduces inflammation: CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to reduce swelling and inflammation associated with pain.

Non-psychoactive: Unlike THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis, CBD does not produce a “high” or alter a person’s state of mind. This makes it a safe option for those who want to use cannabis for pain relief without the psychoactive effects.

Minimal side effects: CBD cream is generally well-tolerated, with minimal side effects. Unlike many prescription pain medications, CBD is not associated with the risk of addiction or overdose.

Natural alternative: CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, which makes it a natural alternative to synthetic pain medications. For people who prefer a more natural approach to pain management, CBD cream may be a good option.

How to choose the best CBD cream for pain relief

Choosing the best CBD cream for pain relief can be a challenging task, as there are many products available in the market. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a CBD cream:

CBD concentration: Look for a CBD cream with a high concentration of CBD. A higher concentration means more potent and effective pain relief.

Full-spectrum or isolate: Full-spectrum CBD creams contain all the compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC, which may have additional pain-relieving benefits. Isolate CBD creams only contain CBD and no other compounds.

Quality of ingredients: Look for a CBD cream that uses high-quality ingredients, such as organic hemp extract and natural oils, to ensure that the product is safe and effective.

Third-party testing: Choose a CBD cream that has been third-party tested for purity and potency. This ensures that the product contains the amount of CBD advertised on the label and is free from contaminants.

Brand reputation: Choose a reputable brand with a good track record for quality and customer satisfaction.

Price: CBD creams can vary in price, so consider your budget when choosing a product. However, keep in mind that cheaper products may not be as effective or high-quality as more expensive ones.

Ultimately, the best CBD cream for pain relief will depend on your individual needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before trying a CBD cream or any other new form of pain relief.