The Amazing Rambo Movies: How Many Are There?

Rambo movies have been around since the 80s, when they first brought us First Blood, the story of an insane Vietnam War veteran and his murderous rampage across the countryside. The character of John Rambo was played by Sylvester Stallone, who reprised his role in three sequels that followed in the coming years. While this character’s popularity may have waned over time, with so many competing action heroes like Jason Borne and James Bond on the scene these days, there are still plenty of devoted fans out there who want to know more about their favourite action hero from the 80s and 90s.

Sylvester Stallone’s Film Career

Sylvester Stallone has had an impressive career in Hollywood, with a list of film credits that’s impressively long. His prolific and lengthy career includes the Rocky series, Judge Dredd, Cliff-hanger, Demolition Man, Cop Land and more. He’s also enjoyed a successful side career as a television actor with recurring roles on The Simpsons and Friends. But it was his first blockbuster franchise that gave him his break – the Rambo movies are there to date: First Blood Part II, Rambo III and IV (2008), plus an upcoming reboot of the series set for release in 2017. That’s six films so far, but how many will there be? It’s tough to say. These films seem likely candidates for more sequels, but considering Stallone is now 70 years old and the recent movie in the series received mixed reviews from critics – maybe not. However, you slice it though, these have been hugely successful franchises – some even call them iconic; especially among members of Generation X who watched them when they were young.

How Did Stallone Come Up with The Character John Rambo?

Before playing the role of John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone spent time in the United States Army’s Special Forces and was a war correspondent in Vietnam. The character’s namesake, St. First Class John J. Rambo came from these experiences as well as his portrayal of a prisoner of war who escaped from an enemy camp during the Vietnam War in Escape from Saigon (1975). In addition to embodying the spirit of an elite solider at war, including issues with PTSD after returning home from service, Stallone fashioned this fearless former Green Beret into an expert survivalist and deadly force for good around the world. When someone is fighting oppression or natural disaster anywhere on Earth, Rambo shows up. As a result, there are six movies in the series so far: First Blood (1982), Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988), Rambo IV (2008), and two movies released back-to-back in 2008: both called simply Rambo.

What Is John Rambo’s Storyline in Each Movie?

Rambo tells the story of a Vietnam War veteran and former special forces commander named John J. Rambo who was discharged from the United States Army Special Forces (USASF) due to multiple court-martials. The last incident was when he disobeyed orders to do reconnaissance on an enemy machine gun position. He’s captured, tortured, and beaten but escapes using skills he learned in Vietnam, killing many members of the North Vietnamese Army in the process. After returning home, he is given a less than honourable discharge for acts against civilians and his commanding officer. For example, after being told that Colonel Trautman had been killed in action and that Rambo might be able to help search for him by doing some recon work, Rambo refuses. They then tell him that he will not receive his medals because they think he stole them; this causes him to refuse again. Eventually after being provoked by those around him about what happened in Vietnam, he snaps and kills several police officers with a knife before escaping into the mountains where he once again does recon work to locate Trautman and kill Colonel Tint who was working with the police force trying to find him.

The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly – John Rambo Quotes

John Rambo has always been a mainstay in the American consciousness. When we think of our country, what’s one of the first words that come to mind? The answer is definitely freedom. And when we think about that word, what’s another word that typically follows it, whether consciously or subconsciously? Usually, the next word we associate with freedom is Rambo. His name and his actions have since become synonymous with a sense of patriotism, as if being able to survive in unforgiving environments is what makes America so special. So while there may be no number on how many Rambo movies are there —we are sure his legacy will live on forever in our culture.

Throughout history, there have been plenty of characters who were iconic for their time, though their popularity might not necessarily translate into today’s society (for example, Hello Kitty). But others like Rambo transcend generation gaps. In fact, he transcends cultural gaps too; not only does he appeal to Americans but also to fans in Asia and Africa.

John Rambo’s Most Memorable Lines from Each Movie

1. Listen and understand. That rifle, it was just a tool. (First Blood)

2. We need him in one piece, preferably. (Rambo)

3. I don’t carry America’s burden. I carry my own. (Rambo)

4. One minute was a year of patience and peace to me. (Rambo III)

5. I always knew that death would come for me someday. (Rambo IV)

6. When the human mind has nothing left to contemplate, it finds refuge in madness. (Rambo III) 2. It doesn’t take brains to know what side your bread is buttered on. What do you think they’re going to do when they find out who you are? They’ll kill you – if they can find you! All of them! Killers, psychos…and people who’ve lost everything because of the war or something worse than war – like all hope! And there’s only one place where people like us can go where nobody will ever find us: we’ve got to get off this rock. If we want freedom, then there’s only one thing we can do…stand up and fight for it.

Why Are The ‘Rambo’ Films So Popular?

Rambo, the heroic tough guy played by Sylvester Stallone, is one of Hollywood’s most popular action heroes of all time. Beginning with First Blood in 1982, which introduced John Rambo, the Vietnam War veteran and former Green Beret who struggles to cope with the aftermath of the war, Stallone and screenwriter David Morrell spun a story that had never been seen before. The franchise’s follow-up films – Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988), and Rambo (2008) – helped to define what an action movie should be. Between them, there are five movies, each with varying degrees of success. In total, there are six ‘Rambo’ movies

What Do People Think About ‘Rambo’?

Overall, there are four Rambo movies that have been made to date. The first one is titled First Blood and was released in 1982. It’s the best of the series and gives you a ton of new techniques to use in your own life. Second up is titled First Blood Part II, and it’s worth watching if you want more classic man-action. Third up is III, which features yet another great storyline with a lot of thriller scenes in it too. Last but not least is Rambo IV, which gives a whole new dimension to these action films. That’s the truth about how many Rambo movies is there! I hope this helped and be sure to check out our other blog posts for more interesting content.


Rambo has had many wonderful adventures through his movies. In the first three films, he is framed for the death of his friends, and he embarks on a revenge mission to get them justice. He ultimately succeeds in capturing Colonel Trautman, the man responsible for framing him, and ends up serving two more tours of duty in Vietnam before going on to make another four movies. If you love action movies like I do, then Rambo is a great character to watch out for! You’ll never be bored with all the different adventures he goes on. So how many Rambo movies are there?