Ten of the Best Beaches in Florida For A Summer Holiday

Florida has some of the best beaches in the country. When you think of summer sunshine, you can’t help but think of Florida. Almost every beach-goer in Florida has a beach somewhere within a couple of hours. There’s a remote beach getaway as well as a family-friendly beach.

You’ll find that each region of the state has its flavor, so we’ll cover ten of our favorites. For discovering Florida you can hire a chauffeur service for the best travel.


A few miles of beaches line the island, and along with them are some of the best Gilded Age villas in the country. Amelia Island is North Florida’s classiest. You might think that’s not a big deal, but it’s the best example of Southern beach charm. As property owners want the island to be as old Florida as possible, condo development has been hindered. A classic feel is provided by the oak trees surrounded by Spanish moss that line most roads.


Located in South West Florida, Marco Island has great weather without being as busy as Miami. It’s near the Everglades and is near South Florida’s best beaches. It’s because of the soft white sand beaches that we put it on our list.

Alligators can be spotted within hours, and you’ll catch a serious tan next to some crystal clear waters. Marco Island is a great destination for eco-tourists and families alike.


There are many reasons why Clearwater is so popular in Florida. It is popular with families and couples seeking a beachside vacation. A great benefit of visiting Clearwater is that it is close to Tampa, which offers a variety of fun nightlife activities. The Gulf of Mexico also offers a truly calm sea that seems to relax the soul all at once. You can visit some world-class museums and get a gorgeous tan all in one day.


Anna Maria Island is a quintessential Florida island often overlooked by its more popular neighbors when it comes to beachside sunsets. In addition to being forward-thinking, Anna Maria Island has some roads made of recycled materials that you can check out. Pine Avenue, the greenest street in America in 2016, is an island for budget travelers. It is also considered one of the best beaches for shell hunting in the United States. It is located in Southwest Florida and is one of the higher-priced beachside locations in the state.

There are also delicious restaurants to choose from on Sanibel Island instead of the throngs of tourists found on beaches like Siesta Key and South Beach.

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Despite Hurricane Irma’s best efforts, Bahia Honda remains one of our favorite Keys beaches.

Unfortunately, the storm destroyed much of the beach area in area. The recent restoration and renovation efforts have allowed the area to regain some of its former glory. The water is some of the most beautiful in the area. Do not miss it on your way to Key West.


In Florida, Siesta Key is a popular pick that’s a favorite of many travelers. There are several playgrounds and picnic areas located on the beachside that are suitable for large groups. The sand alone is worth the trip. The waters are also tranquil and beautiful. It is a great beach to go shell-hunting with the family.

You can also enjoy some of the best seafood in Florida at Siesta Key’s fine dining establishments.


South Beach is one of the most popular nightlife destinations in the world, and as a sight to behold with its art deco architecture, you cannot complete a list without including it. It might seem too mainstream, but it is on every list for a reason. It is arguably one of the world’s hottest destinations for nightlife.

This is a great place to enjoy some sunbathing and then prepare for the pumping club scene, that is waiting for you when you get back. Even though these are still Atlantic waters, they are some of the cleanest around.


In addition to being the U.S.’s most difficult national park to reach, Dry Tortugas National Park is only accessible by seaplane or boat.

This secluded beach is also home to the infamous Fort Jefferson, a coastal fort that was built in 1846 to protect the coast from attack by the British. Marine life is abundant in the waters surrounding this beach, including seahorses, moray eels, and sea turtles.


This protected beach is known for being a loggerhead turtle nesting ground and is the largest of its kind in the Atlantic Ocean. Jupiter Island is home to a 100,00-year-old limestone shelf. The crystal clear waters almost feel surreal. It is one of the best examples of natural habitat conservancy in Florida. Several conservationists agree that it is a good example of how a barrier island would look without any human development.

Florida is home to beautiful flora and fauna. Even though there are many other great beaches, these are our top ten favorites.

Towards the Keys, Florida descends into Bahia Honda.

There is something for everyone at each of these beaches. From the thumping nightlife of South Beach to the serenity of Fort Jefferson, Florida offers something for everyone.